ROUND 1: Day 7

The event Harlem has been waiting for has finally arrived!

He immediately sees TWO Yamachan and successfully uses the vending machine to grab a Simmi capsule.

Fireworks, eating (or trying to!) with chopsticks and a fab festival outfit … Harlem is trying to experience as much as he can.

He then sees an interesting rock formation and after inspecting it, grabs a handhold and starts picking out spots for his shoes to go. He wishes the vending machine or a vendor sold the gear since he doesn’t have a computer <– The Sims Team dropped the ball here, I think.

Climbing reward: a nice long soak at the Sutefani Onsen Bathhouse! … Vlad sighting (Who’s this Greg guy every Sim seems to be on the lookout for? Remember, Vlad was there first LOL) … The Snow Festival looks lovely at night!

Harlem takes a selfie and a shot of some of the ice sculptures to remind himself of the fun & relaxing day he had.

Zzz End of Day 7 Zzz

Back to Day 6 << GLOBETROTTER >> On to Day 8 (link to be added soon!)

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