Time to air a little laundry

Am sure you’ve noticed that it’s been a short while since I last posted story updates. There’s a reason things have come to a halt.

January, 2023 arrived and basically told me that I ain’t seen nothin’ yet. I was diagnosed with cancer. Yes, the BIG C. This meant seeing specialists and running a battery of tests to prepare me for surgery in February. Surgery went well and then it was on to other specialists and more tests to prepare me for chemotherapy.

5 weeks in and spirits are still running high. Sure, I sleep a lot … deal with bouts of brain fog (funniest moment: headed to kitchen to feed kitty breakfast, filled my glass with water and left the room. Remembered about half an hour or so later. Oops! She forgave me though) … mild symptoms overall because of diet changes and intermittent fasting the day before treatment.

Hair loss meant this is the first time my hair has been shorter than my husband’s. When it started, I cried. Then I took charge and called the lovely lady who does my hair to shorten it. When it got more obvious, I called and scheduled to get it buzzed. I went from scarves to turbans and slouchy beanie-type things. I cover my head and grab a mask when I have to go out in public.

5 months of chemotherapy will be followed by radiation and then hormone blocker since this cancer is driven by hormones, not genetics.

Cancer sucks. It changes not only your life but also affects the loved ones who live with you. I have learned to stop trying to do it all (know my limitations!) and simply appreciate the love & support I’ve been blessed with.

I’m lucky and I know it. I have loved ones do what I can’t (at this time) and good friends who check up on me, offering support and assistance should I need/want any.

One day all of this will be part of my past and I look forward to living life cancer-free.

Soon I will return to sharing more SimLit with you, my dear readers,

Thanks for reading this long-winded letter,

Our Corner January 2023 Gift Exchange

If you saw builds by illusie in her Sims 3 studio or on the Gallery for Sims 4, you would know how beautiful they are! She is especially skilled at crafting Victorian-style creations. Even though we chatted before gifting time and I asked a few build questions, I don’t think she put two-and-two together realizing why I was asking what I was asking. Or perhaps she did and opted not to say anything since she is quite clever and kind. We’ll find out once she receives this gift.

Note: The blog post is a mini-novel. You have been duly warned!

Happy New Year!

Welcome, 2023. I kind of lost touch with this blog in 2022 but since you & I are newly acquainted, let’s start fresh.

The Drifter Challenge: House 3 (status: on hiatus) – it’s been on hiatus for some time now, partly because I went through a spell where I was bored with Sims and partly because of gardening issues (fully grown plants revert back to newly planted & if not caught in time, your sim will not only lose the current harvest but also days worth of tending the garden). And for those who play/have played this House, you know that it is mainly all about the garden! Quite frustrating to say the least.

The gardening issue still isn’t resolved. {sigh} I now realize it will never get resolved, no matter how many bug patches and updates this game has. I can either 1) Not play the game … 2) Play & not bother with Gardening … 3) Play & not let Gardening bother me. I pick option 3 for now. To Garden or Not, that IS the question. One that depends on what I choose to play because some sims will want to learn gardening and others won’t. There. Problem “solved”. Sort of.

By the banner, it’s easy to see what challenge has caught my eye. I started playing it in late December after seeing how much fun illusie (sim: Liberty Rhodes) and BreeMiles (sim: Amber Bigelow) were/are having! The rules are fairly easy to understand and the goals of each round appealed to me. I adore the sim I created to play this and have already played half of the 1st season (season length: 28 days) before the New Year arrived … only stopping because I’m making a gift for a Buddy (part of a gift exchange in my Discord group) and gifting begins on January 15th. Since I’m hosting this shindig, my being late with the gift is NOT acceptable.

Anywho … until I can get back to playing this adventure, there are rules and 14 days worth of story to share with y’all.

Enjoy, xo Addy

If you wish to skip the rules and jump right into the story, ROUND 1: Day 1 is now available!

Gifting Time!

Many of you might know a lovely Simmer by the name of Simming_Spoonie. She’s a talented builder who wears many hats (part of the D.N.A. team; admin of The Sims Creators’ Consortium FB group; on the Simmed Up magazine team; and more that hasn’t been listed)! She spreads happiness throughout Our Community with her generosity so now it’s time to give back a fraction of what she’s given others. Gift and Bonus Gift

OurCornerFeb21 Gift Exchange

Back in December, a Discord group that I am proud to be a member of discussed having a gift exchange. Since it was fairly close to Christmas we figured there wouldn’t be enough time to make our gifts and settled on a later date. TODAY is that day!! And without further ado, here is the gift and bonus gift for a lovely Simmer/friend known in the forums as LMC6254.