OurCornerFeb21 Gift Exchange

Back in December, a Discord group that I am proud to be a member of discussed having a gift exchange. Since it was fairly close to Christmas we figured there wouldn’t be enough time to make our gifts and settled on a later date. TODAY is that day!! And without further ado, here is the gift and bonus gift for a lovely Simmer/friend known in the forums as LMC6254.

A Conversation Starter

Lately, social media has been filled with negativity regarding the upcoming Sims 4 pack.

Whether we sit in agreement or disagreement, all need to realize that opinions are just that … people’s opinions.

People are entitled to their opinions and feelings but one’s own does not mean those of others aren’t as valid.

I planned to keep silent and go about my day, enjoying the game the way I do but … I can’t enjoy the game feeling the way I do and continuing staying silent.

Here is A Letter to Our Community