ROUND 1: Day 8

Congratulations! (Mental thought: I guess this is good news {shrugs} … you and the missus are elders and you’re already raising your teen granddaughter)

Harlem heads over to meet the little one … and order his climbing gear after hugging his friend Kaori hello to free up the computer, LOL … proud papa/grandpa made a beeline upstairs to be a proper chaperone to his granddaughter and also accept his friend’s congratulations in person.

Condition: Great < – – I’m guessing this means they will wear out and need replacing. Nice detail, Sims Team!

It seems like Kaori hopes the baby can move out of her bedroom. Baby Sonny is really hungry and in danger of being taken away. YIKES! Harlem feeds him since nobody else seems inclined to do so. Perhaps they’re so tired from lack of sleep that they aren’t thinking straight. He then gifts Kaori a knitted item. (1 of 3 needed for aspiration)

And once again Harlem is without a fishing mentor. Shigeru is level 7 in the skill according to the wiki and Harlem is now level 7 so perhaps there isn’t anything he can teach him. Besides, his focus should be on the little one he just adopted.

Another sale … ka-ching!

That Social Bunny app does wonders for making friends after Harlem introduces himself to a sim (or 12, LOL)

Harlem was planning to gift Shigeru some socks but pair one is Legendary Quality then he tried again and got Legendary once more … He’s now skilled enough to try knitting a Baby Onesie for Baby Sonny so he gets that project started before heading off to bed.

Let’s put those socks up on plopsy!

Zzz End of Day 8 Zzz

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