ROUND 1: Day 6

Yes, I know I need a shower. You don’t need to rub it in, friend.

Whoa, BOUNDARIES Dude … the bathroom door was closed for a reason.

You can stop admiring my tats and scram Sam. I know your name isn’t Sam! It’s a saying and I’m about to unload a whole lot more than just sayings in a moment … if you catch my drift.

(Harlem didn’t get an embarrassed mood so I was laughing to myself about him being some sort of exhibitionist or maybe Shigeru is a voyeur but … I think it’s the way the shower is coded. Reminds me of the outdoor shower sims use while wearing their swimsuits in Sims 3. There is also a grouping of this object at the Sutefani Onsen Bathhouse for use before getting in the hot spring.)

Anyway, he finishes cleaning up and decides entertainment time is over. Time to leave home and go exploring. Bye, Shigeru … you know where the door is! (Note to self: Build the rest of Harlem’s home as soon as possible. Having just a bathroom is somewhat problematic, for obvious reasons. LOL)

Harlem wants to buy something to deter bees/hornets but the vending machine has other plans for his money …

Better stop while he’s still standing! (I heard there is this thing called Death by Vending Machine and Harlem’s name is NOT on that list of unlucky sims)

Besides … he needs to gather some information in order to look like he hasn’t a care in the world after tangling with that vending machine!

Aspiration progress:

Even a failed use at the vending machine counts toward task completion, good to know! 😀

Could this be a reason why the Entertainer didn’t like the Mixologist? I will admit the Mixologist is an odd duck err … knight!

A sledding we will go, hi-ho-the-merry-o … a sledding we will go!

Aspiration progress:

Harlem passes by a sim on the slopes and this notification pops up. He’s getting known for good reasons and not just snarky comments. LOL

At least FIVE hours on the slopes and this is his track record thus far. Surely, he can’t do any worse in the near future … or can he? Time will tell.

I admit I was bummed that the task for 3 hours skiing, snowboarding, rock wall climbing wasn’t considered done but will give climbing a go at some point in the hopes of it working better.

Harlem stopped because he needed food and the nearest bathroom. I don’t blame him one bit because I would too (not that I would be doing this activity with my bad knee)!

This is a good stopping point as any.

Zzz End of Day 6 Zzz

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