Simtastic Gift Exchange 2018
It Takes Two
Two to Tango
Perfect Note
Family Harmony
Fletch (includes Fletch and The Potting Shed)

SCC Secret Santa 2018
Minka Laireen

Messy House Challenge

Monthly House Challenge
January 2019
May 2019
April 2020

Drifter Challenge
Read Drifter Challenge House 01 to see this being built from the ground up!
House 01

CollabNewcrestPFE Project
19 Cozy Place

Spooktacular Gift Exchange 2019
Adorable Abode
Jellica Tate
Fang Life Challenge
Tot Time Play Park
Sweet Starter

Tiny Lot Contest
Sweet & Small
Mint To Be

Costumed Caper
Spring: Beech Cottage (Gallery Link only)
Summer: Color Splash

The Retail Challenge
Pete (Gallery Link only)
Pete’s Pet Palace (Gallery Link only)

Our Corner Gift Exchange
February 2021: Neko Cafe and Asher Avery-Assaoui
August 2021: Llama Commons and Decker Duo
June 2022: Hidden-A-Way (build and Sim)
January 2023: Port Promise shows Promise (builds and Sim)

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