ROUND 1: Day 5

= > Harlem tip: The Social Bunny app makes making friends easy-peasy after you’ve introduced yourself. Add them as a contact, send friendly and funny messages and before you know it, you’ve got a friend in me!

He got some nice feedback from the buyer.

Nothing negative so let’s call it a positive review.

No knitting, not a problem … 😆

Harlem looks over and whispers to himself, Somebody needs a stylist. Stat!

Exit Mizuki Nakano (Fashion Flub) … Enter Shigeru Nishidake (Fishing Mentor and grandfather of Kaori, his previous mentor) ~ a family hobby, apparently.

While fishing, both guys are momentarily distracted by a Sim doing what looks like a weird dance move. Shari Smart isn’t very smart and somehow disturbs bees without a bee box in sight.

Not sure if he should save for later or sell it now.

Harlem is now level 7 in Fishing and both guys are ready to burst … Harlem runs to the bar, waving his thanks and goodbyes as he rushes past Shigeru.

He is almost out the door to head home when he remembers the Day’s Event and scoots upstairs. He and his friend, Megumi, enjoy a private screening.

Please don’t ask me what it was about because I have no idea (Oops! I forgot to take a look at what the TV Premiere was. They both laughed a bit so it must have been comedic to say the least).

Harlem is still awake after watching the TV premiere and does a little knitting before getting some shuteye.

Zzz End of Day 5 Zzz

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