ROUND 1: Day 4

Another rainy day means time to find other things to do. Harlem wants to grab a bite to eat from the food stall but the worker would NOT enter the booth so it never fully opens for business. How annoying!

Hunger calls and Harlem discovers that there’s nothing like grilling in a light rain. He sure looks proud of himself, doesn’t he?!

He then goes to the lounge and does a little knitting, making more progress on the aspiration:

Harlem keeps glancing around while knitting and listening to Japanese Folk music. Sounds like a guilty pleasure to me. LOL

Bored with knitting … rain is heavy now so not even going to attempt fishing … what to do, what to do.

Time to tickle a few ivories. Not that he is any good at it. LOL

Sims stop by and leave $2 tips which garners him a NEW skill.

(a little research and I learned that this came with the high school pack and is a minor skill so 5 levels to it)

The entertainer shows up and seems to be a bit unhappy at being “upstaged”. He still left a $2 tip for Harlem so all is not bad.

Actually … it turns out he dislikes the Mixologist and that was the cause for his bad mood and use of forbidden words.

Yay! Can’t wait to find out how much he’ll get.

Harlem steps down (much to the delight of the other lounge lizards). He earned $16 in tips so treats himself to an $8 Virgin Caipirinha (a Brazilian drink).

$35 to make … $5 to list on Plopsy … Sell for $71 ($71 – $35 – $5 = $31 profit) or Send to Buyer $263 ($263 – $35 – $5 = $223 profit) … Send to buyer, of course!

These earnings cause him to increase the skill once more. Sweeet!

And further progress on the aspiration:

For those wondering, he immediately did some exercises after selling the item.

Harlem decides to go for a jog and enjoys the scenery. Might need to take some photos to capture memories of his time here.

What choice should an Active Bro go with? Like there is a choice other than YES!

Zzz End of Day 4 Zzz

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2 thoughts on “ROUND 1: Day 4

    1. I didn’t realize he would get tips when I had him go and start playing – I was trying to relieve his boredom (from knitting) and keeping him indoors since it was heavily raining. Because of this challenge, I opted to ignore the “dislikes knitting” pop-up box because that would make it even more unpleasant for him.

      Harlem will most likely never pick up the needles on his own & that’s okay. Plenty of other things to do when he isn’t sitting and knitting.

      He made a lot of progress with the knitting aspiration but hasn’t finished it yet. There’s more than enough time to do it and a couple of other aspirations during his time in the mountains.


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