ROUND 1: Day 3

Oh “yay” … a rainy day.

Harlem tried knitting at the Hazakura Lounge but that endeavor didn’t last long.

He followed it with fishing but became very uncomfortable thanks to the rain and negative mood from eating fruitcake so homeward bound to take a shower …

Or that was the initial plan …

Of course Harlem walks smack dab INTO the only puddle on the entire lot and down he goes! SPLAT!!

The shower is looking better & better by now.

Clean and ready to nosh, Harlem successfully haggles and buys Tri-Color Dango for $1. Not bad at all.

The question of how the bear came over the mountain has now been answered! By bike, of course but … he wishes it was by car. LOL

The rain starts up again so attempt #2 for lounge knitting. Harlem grabs a quiet corner spot but isn’t alone for long before he’s surrounded by chatty Sims.

The project gets finished and promptly sold.

Rain stopped so a bit of fishing before calling it a day.

Total Earnings thus far: $3,391 (includes the inheritance from Grandpa Curley) – not bad considering the damper rain put on things.

Zzz End of Day 3 Zzz

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