ROUND 1: Day 2

Funny story: The Welcome Wagon event (Day 1) abruptly ended before the timer finished and the fruitcake his neighbor brought over was nowhere to be seen. When Harlem got home later that night, he discovered the plate floating diagonally in the air and put it away for later meals. It was the weirdest thing but hey, it’s free food! Harlem quickly learns that it’s an acquired taste … one he won’t be acquiring any time soon.


Yuck! That was gross but I’ll suck it up since it’s free food!

Behind his “garden” of 2 parsley plants and 2 tomato plants, Harlem spies an interesting sight …

Aspiration progress:

They celebrate with a funny dance that ends with a hip bump.

With a few pieces of produce and his pole, Harlem experiments to see if using bait makes a difference and as far as he can tell … not really. Now Harlem knows to sell the produce unless he needs to use bait for some reason or another.

While fishing he got a call that Grandpa Curley passed away and left a little something for Harlem. RIP Curley (another Harlem Globetrotters reference for those in the know) and thank you.

Harlem waits until the school day is done and calls Kaori Nishidake over. He then learns that she is no longer able to mentor him. Bummer.

Rawr! It’s Bear Night at the bar. Harlem heads over to mix n’ mingle (has now introduced himself to over 10 Sims which makes progress on a different aspiration).

Being friendly is rewarding in more ways than one!

Harlem thinks Megumi is swell, too!

Megumi is a B-Lister (as is her husband) so perhaps Harlem will be invited to a few events down the road.

He heads home and tries his hand at knitting …

How does anybody keep the yarn from sliding off? This is harder than it looks!

His first piece is done and he did very well. Harlem lists it on plopsy and calls it a day.

Zzz End of Day 2 Zzz

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6 thoughts on “ROUND 1: Day 2

  1. I can honestly say that Amber really enjoyed her fruit cake and she is the first sim I’ve ever had/played that did so.

    Glad Harlem survived the fruit cake šŸ™‚
    The first time in history I enjoy seeing sims pass on is when they get money from sims they’ve never heard of before šŸ˜‰
    Poor Harlem and his knitting šŸ˜¦

    Loved catching up Addy thanks for sharing

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve only come across one sim who liked fruitcake and I’m with the rest who wonder why you would want to eat it in the first place. Ewww

      I wish the notification would indicate what the cause of death was. Color me curious!

      Harlem is trying his best but it will be some time before he completes that aspiration, I think.

      As always, thanks for reading!


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