ROUND 1: Day 1

Mount Komorebi, Summer
Mt. K Sightseer (main aspiration)
Lord/Lady of the Knits (2nd aspiration)

Is this some sort of joke? Where in the world am I?

Harlem looks around with an awkward smile on his face, trying to find the hidden cameras.

He quickly calls his manager and soon realizes this was no joke. He had been signed up for The Globetrotter Challenger and the envelope pinned to the tent explains the first set of goals.

Sightseeing … o-k-a-y, am sure there must be something more than this patch of grass and tent. Knitting?! (grumble grumble) Are you kidding me? Do I look like the kind of guy who will sit and knit?

His manager lets him know in no uncertain terms that yes, he IS the kind of guy who will sit and knit or forfeit a great chunk of his savings for breach of contract.

Good Luck! He cheerily calls down the line before hanging up.


Thankfully the tent contains a sleeping bag, air mattress and his luggage. Harlem quickly changes and sets out to explore the area.

Harlem notes the location of a food stall. Then makes another unhappy discovery … his wallet is empty!

Hey, hey, hey … where is my stash of cash and credit cards? This is really starting from scratch, bro!

Harlem introduces himself to Moira Fyres who is kind enough to answer his questions about the area and ways to earn a bit of cash. She also points out the bulletin board that contains info on festivals, hiking and much more.

Jogging makes one sweaty so Harlem is glad he came across a spot where he can swim (it also has a dig spot and a grill plus picnic table).

Aspiration progress:

Swimming is good for keeping cool and staying fit but it won’t fill the belly. Time to learn another useful skill …

Harlem hears noise nearby and discovers that the Izakaya Ippai (Bar) is hosting a Guys Night! Discount drinks on tap.

= > Bro Lesson: Bros love watching sports, being around other Bros and know how to handle their juice.

Score! Harlem quickly nabs the drink sitting on the bar counter and a bowl of chips. “Dinner” and a drink cost him nothing. That’s a win-win for sure.

He joins several Sims for the chance to socialize and play cards but things got awkward when Naoki Ito lodged a few complaints, causing his wife to get upset and leave the table. Marcel also scooted during this hullabaloo. Darn. Harlem had a good hand, too!

He leaves the bar and heads back to fish for a little longer and is glad he did because he found a fishing mentor.

Fishing Skill: level 4 (Having a mentor makes a BIG difference in the learning curve!)

Fishing & Collecting netted him $325 … some was used to grab knitting supplies and a place to sit/knit.

Zzz End of Day 1 Zzz

Rules & Whatnot << GLOBETROTTER >> On to Day 2

9 thoughts on “ROUND 1: Day 1

  1. Hi, friends!

    If any of the emoticons aren’t showing up properly, reply to this comment please & thank you.

    A kind friend let me know she isn’t seeing one from the blog post (face exhaling to signify a sigh, after the sentence “Gardening issue still isn’t resolved”) as well as one on this page (Zzz at the bottom, on each side of “End of Day 1”).

    Trying to figure out if this is just on her end or if it affects others, too. Thanks!


    1. Thank you, Faith!

      Thanks, glad things showed up on your end. I like being able to add emoticons/emojis so as to show where my head is when I’m typing this stuff out. But if they don’t show … {looks around in puzzlement} … hee hee


    1. Thank you, Lu! Am sure the fun moments will continue – Harlem is quite a character, lol

      I also can’t wait to see what he will do next. Nothing is fully planned, he goes wherever the mood (and aspiration task) takes him.


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