HagWater Witch … Don’t look into those Evil Eyes

Yareli heard these words (and others) uttered behind her back as she passed by with Mama M. Sometimes they were even said to her face when she was alone. Mama told her words only hold power if you believe them to be true. But it was hard to not be swayed when hearing the same things over and over again.

Years later, Yareli left the waters she was familiar with and ventured forth to a place where no one knew her name or history. It was time to shed her troubled past …

… and let destiny guide her footsteps …

What she found wasn’t quite what she expected but it was as good a place as any to begin anew.

With determination, grit and more patience than Yareli ever thought she had, the dilapidated shack eventually became a balm for her bruised soul.

She discovered an inner strength that had long been forgotten when overcoming obstacles thrown in her path.

As part of her coping mechanism, Yareli garbed herself as a fire-former before venturing out in public.

She wasn’t ashamed of her affinity for water but wanted to blend in while getting her bearings and find out how her kind were perceived before sharing her secrets. And she has plenty of those …

Nine abilities to ease the way
Nine friends guard the bay 

Seek carefully to find the true path
Step unwisely and risk the aftermath

Gallery links:

Sim ~ Yareli Mairead

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These were made especially for wecantpickaname as part of OurCornerJune2022 Gift Exchange ~ It was fun reading your Buddy Letter and getting to know more about how you play plus things you’d like to try. Hoping this gift does those wishes justice.

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