Llama Commons

As many of you know, Simming_Spoonie has a good sense of humor. She laughs at the dad jokes I share and has been enjoying the newest pack partly because it has llamas. As a result, llama decor can be found throughout this build.

Having never built anything like this before, I did some research and found inspiration by watching a youtube video showcasing a build called Old George Street by DevonBumpkin. His looks amazing and I highly recommend adding it to your collection.

Llama Commons was built in Windenburg at the lot Bathe de Rill sits on. I don’t usually bulldoze EA-made lots but the location and size (40×30) were perfect for what I imagined. It has Sunny Aspect, Training Grounds and Natural Light as its lot traits.

Gallery Link: Llama Commons

Pardon the pictures but a summer shower hit while I was testing things out.

The following “shops” are at ground level.

Note: Will need to hire a Mixologist ($100) otherwise none will show up to serve drinks.

Upstairs contains several other “businesses”.

Bathrooms are located downstairs and are accessible via the arched area.

Testing was done with various Sims: Penny Pizzazz (EA-made); Peyton and Koda (made by illusie); and Orange Bailey-Moon (EA-made). Various townies were on hand to help ensure that just about everything was used.

Hope you have as much fun with this in your game as I did while testing it!

For your bonus gift, please peek HERE!

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