Asher Avery-Assaoui

Asher is the bonus gift for LMC6254.

Gallery Link: Asher Avery-Assaoui

Asher was born in-game to Sunshine Assaoui (nee Avery), a Sim I made for exploring Mt. Komorebi, and her husband, Mehdi Assaoui, a random townie. Sunshine had a couple of fellows interested in her and I did a vote with my Discord group as to which should win her heart. Mehdi unanimously won! A few pictures were shared of her adventures but then I purposefully directed their attention to other games I was playing so as to keep the rest a secret.

Sunshine works as a Freelance Write and her husband, Mehdi, is a Minor Leaguer. One of their favorite date spots is a place called Neko Kafe. Picture tour => HERE <=

First comes LOVE, then comes MARRIAGE, then comes Asher in a BABY CARRIAGE

It wasn’t long before their sweet baby became a cute toddler

Asher loved to explore and play and … be read to

Soon it was time for another birthday celebration ~ Doesn’t Daddy Mehdi look silly in his mascot uniform?

Mom worked from home and Dad kept fit even while listening to his son learning to play the violin

This close-knit family formed a club and earned points toward boosting skills

They knew a good education was the foundation for success so Mom and Dad assisted Asher with his schoolwork

Even Father Winter was impressed with Asher

Time passed and the child became a teen

His parents didn’t need to assist with schoolwork as much but were proud of all his accomplishments and were his biggest cheerleaders

More time passed and the teen became a young man with a bright future ~ all you have to do is look at his past in order to see what I mean

Isn’t he a handsome young man?

His Family Tree is small now but is sure to grow once he finds true love, too

Asher had a good beginning and is sure to enjoy more successes in your game. Enjoy!

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