ROUND 1: Day 9

And this is why Harlem isn’t focusing on having a garden. I can’t tell you how many times I had to pause game and put those plants back to “blossoming” stage.

What a difference a mere day makes. Harlem & Marcel became closer on Sunday and then Marcel passes the very next morning (in the wee hours). No cause was mentioned but he was an Adult. Wish there was a way to be given more details when townies pass. Rest in peace, Marcel {cries}

On a lighter note, the second buyer leaves a more glowing review of the item they bought.

Harlem gains an appreciation for the local music.

Harlem introduces himself to the handsome mail carrier ~ no, he isn’t flirting or looking for love … I just haven’t decided which team Harlem bats for yet.

Hey, narrator lady, that is NOT the focus right now so put away those heart-shaped glasses!

WOW, that was quick work! Harlem, are you sure you two weren’t meant to be? LOL … Great Reputation and the Social Bunny app plus level 7 Charisma makes friendships bloom like Miracle-Gro was sprinkled on them.

Aspiration progress:

I find it hilarious that she is calling a single sim who has never been in a relationship, much less kissed another sim, and wants his opinion on whether she and her husband should Try for a Baby. Of course, I’m having him tell them to go for it. LOL

Gift #2 is successfully given.

Zzz End of Day 9 Zzz

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