ROUND 1: Day 14

Upon shipping this item out, Harlem feels confident that he can research business plans … once he learns what that actually means LOL

Do you see what I see?

Harlem can’t recall who he helped yesterday (since he helps a number of sims on a daily basis) but his advice must have hit a bullseye!

Duuude, YOU walked in on me so why are you feeling embarrassed?

Harlem leads him outside for a chat where Isao insults Harlem regarding babies. And your point IS?
Harlem then tells him to jump in the nearest rocket ship and zoom on out of here!

During all of this hullabaloo, Harlem learns that Isao is Mean and Evil … not a good combination by any stretch of the imagination.

Feedback on the sale seemed to contradict itself. Well … did they like it or not? Going to go with liked it.{smirks}

Harlem fishes with a Sulani resident and also meets another Bro. Sweeet!

FUN Fact: Keala disliked Harlem (due to emoji responses to her mean posts on Social Bunny) so I had him spam her with friendly and funny tagged messages until they became friends again! She shows up while he was fishing so he quickly invites her to join him. I figured he might as well not upset the people in a place he’ll head to next.

FUN Fact: Didn’t get a chance to chat with Yuuko, but assume the snippet about bromance means she is also a Bro Sim.

I don’t know who’s knocking but there are TWO bathrooms up here so stop knocking and go see if that one is available!

Mix and Mingle … Let’s hear it for being Single

The Mixologist does NOT seem amused by Haruto M telling her about rocket WooHoo.

Harlem checks out the scene as he is heading downstairs. The bar is hopping!

Between Miho and Kaori, it’s easy to tell who Harlem should talk to. Smiley wins out over Sourpuss every time!

He enters the space and is greeted by people he knows. It makes him feel like this is the bar where everyone knows your name, LOL (a Cheers reference for those in the know)

psst psst Naoki … Buddy, you’re married & I know your wife, Megumi, would NOT appreciate your acting single. Unless you plan on being single again real soon!

Harlems chats up Maki and Miho. Strike one. Strike two. Neither lady wants to make a love connection. (Super handy having him ask about Romantic Interests and WooHoo Interests!)

At least there is something he can “embrace” without getting hit with a harassment charge. LOL

Poor Tsutomu overheard Miho and some guy not getting along. So much so that when ??? walks away, she is visibly angry. There is no way ANY guy will approach her now.

(I thought I had a screenshot showing his name but when I went to edit this photo, realized I didn’t. Sorry, Grey Sweater!)

Harlem starts looking at those who might play on the same team. Naoki and Haruto T are fine with guys or gals and he also discovers that Yui is too. Tsutomu is NOT interested in making a love connection at all.

Harlem wraps things up so he can go home (alone) and sort through what he now knows.

Zzz End of Day 14 Zzz

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