ROUND 1: Day 13

Harlem finishes the “mystery” knit project and decides to hold onto it for now. He might go for a different color combination once he starts placing furniture.

The feedback is neither overwhelmingly positive or negative. Just so-so.

Just call Harlem and get advice from a single, never-been-in-a-relationship guy on such a life-changing matter. Oh … and they became good friends after he provides his answer.

What a guy!

(and this is where most of the pictures come from, in case you were wondering)

It’s a first time going to this festival for both Harlem and me (I never took any Sim to this one before. Silly me!). Looks like it will be fun.

Leila (from earlier advice session) makes a beeline for Harlem and asks to be best friends. Sure, sure. Now let me finish buying the festival kimono.

Traditional Outfit … done; looking good, Harlem!

And here is yet one more reason why that Entertainer doesn’t mix well with the Mixologist. He’s rather dangerous!

With his “worldly knowledge” reward, Harlem no longer needs to haggle. He can negotiate a discount! His first try is quite successful and he has four taiyaki flavors to choose from.

1 Bean Taiyaki, please.

Exclusive Taiyaki … done; Harlem seemed to enjoy it!

Harlem can’t help but notice Leila on the ground, gazing up at the clouds. He wonders, Is this something a mother-to-be (who isn’t showing) craves?

Interesting things are happening at the other set of picnic tables so Harlem grabs a seat (far enough away to not be caught up in stuff if it goes south, he hopes). Dancing with Yamachan, playing with fire and someone having to quickly put out fire when they attempted to follow dangerous guy seem to be the show that accompanies his meal.

Dumb call, Manami. You’re better off doing your own thing and NOT playing follow-that-“leader”

Harlem finishes his unique treat and grabs a selfie with Yamachan then takes a photo OF our favorite mascot.

Harlem asks Kazuhiko to join him in making a wish (this will get him away from the fire for a few minutes anyway)(I was hoping we could do it with Yamachan but nope, not an option) <– I wish the Sims Team had made this a thing!

Make a Tanabata Wish … done; May your wish come true, Harlem!

Harlem follows the lit luminaries to go pay his respects but the game has other “plans”. As soon as he arrives his mood changes and he’s informed that he needs to calm down. YIKES !! It gets taken care of (see below image for details) and he returns without issue.

Addy Note: As soon as he got there, I paused to get a screenshot of the area & once done, this mood change happened. I quickly paused & looked around, wondering what had happened. Then I saw his mood bar … something made him playful AND all the other ones boosted that particular mood. Solution: I added a mirror to the park structure at the festival area and got him there in time to calm himself down. Then he went back to take a photo and pay his respects.

Harlem gives respect by leaving a gift (one of his photos that is worth more than some of the others) and is surprised by how quickly it gets accepted. poof!

Pay Your Respects … done; First time letting a sim do this. Will do it again!

He heads back to the main festival area and …

It’s NOT a good thing when you see Sims running away from a bonfire! Harlem quickly moves to other locations and enjoys the beautiful scenery.

This bonfire seems to draw drama!

Sim 1 appears to be paranoid (saw that trait bubble) and periodically screams out loud for some unknown reason.
Sim 2 manages to stop the fire spreading when it singes his robes.
3 is the Yamachan sighting shown in the 2nd image and next to them is Harlem who is keeping an eye on things while he knits.

He pauses his project to grab a Simmi capsule and adds another to his collection.

Back at home: Here are the photos he took during the Festival of Light and his new Simmi friend.

Zzz End of Day 13 Zzz

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