ROUND 1: Day 12

A so-so review. Always a good idea to read descriptions and the fine print.

Harlem tries to relax in the hot springs but after the 3rd exit (the game made him do this!)(it also made him do something that will show up in a later pic), he decides to go on a hike further up the mountain. (game nixed several hike options before letting him do a meditative walk)

This walk in the woods completed one of the tasks in the aspiration. Yay!

This trek turned out to be a really good choice! Harlem sees some green floaty things and takes a closer look.

He opts for making a wish instead of catching, earning him a reward of $100 … and the milestone is complete!

That means the Mount Komorebi Sightseer aspiration is COMPLETE !! {claps}

He “celebrates” by strapping on climbing gear and checking out the conditions of the small rock climbing wall he used before.

With a little effort, he makes it to the top and does a little happy dance. Then, what goes up must come back down.

Time to ship the Grey Raccoon Crew Socks to the buyer. Hope they like them!

So … while Harlem was in the hot springs, he left it a few times (the game made him do this!). One of the times, the game spent $60 and he went inside the building to begin KNITTING something. No clue what it was so I had him check when he was back home. Apparently, the urge to make a purple & blue rug called out to him! While working on this … he masters the skill!

Zzz End of Day 12 Zzz

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