ROUND 1: Day 11

No rain … no heatwave … Harlem decides to put down the knitting needles and GO HIKING.

Hike No. 1

He took pictures but I got rid of this one before seeing it looked like this … I really like how it looks like sunlight filtering through the branches!

Harlem discovers a liking for Photography.

Hike No. 2

Again, a discarded photo. I wish I had both of these images on his photo wall.

Hike No. 3

He briefly did a meditative walk back to where he started but the task was not accomplished. Nor did he see any spirits. Next time!

Edamame and a drink … sounds like a fine dinner to me. I deserve a reward for my hard work!

Can you guess the THEME at the bar?

Harlem is happy to see his ghost friend, Marcel, and helps him recover from embarrassment. Bjorn is inspired and the other two are bored for some reason.

Harlem cracks a few jokes and soon boredom turns into playful. Before he knows it, it’s time to head home after hugging his pal.

Harlem follows the advice given by Amber (played by BreeMiles) and Liberty (played by illusie).

Another pair of Legendary Quality socks sold – hope the customer leaves a good review!

Here’s a peek at the photo wall showcasing Harlem’s adventures throughout Mount Komorebi.

Zzz End of Day 11 Zzz

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