ROUND 1: Day 10

A flirty Haych stops by the very next morning & Harlem wonders if he should get a machine (coffee or tea) for all the Sims who drop by. This visit earns him the PRISTINE Reputation. Way to go, Harlem! Haych talks about WooHoo in a Rocket … Harlem (and I) wonder if he wants to do it or is bragging about how good it was when he gave it a go.

With as many friends as Harlem has, friends often drop by and ask to be best friends (even when he is off the home lot). I lost count of how many times I see that darn pop-up box!

Harlem sells a pair of Legendary Quality socks. (Oops! When I went to post this pic, I realized the price to make them wasn’t $35 but $20 … even more profit in his pocket)

Ugh!!! There is a heatwave happening right now. I have places to be, things to do but heatstroke is NOT on my bucket list so inside I sit grumble grumble

Moira must have crossed paths with Megumi at some point.

Another positive review! Harlem says, Thank you, sir! I have made a few pair and they do help with living costs. Please tell your friends to check out my plopsy account, too!

Zzz End of Day 10 Zzz

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