Tot Time Play Park

Lot Dimensions: 30×20
Traits: Child’s Play, Gnomes and Sunny Aspect

Description: This cute toddler park was built on the Dusty Turf lot in Oasis Springs for the Spooktacular Gift Exchange 2019. Toddlers can play alone or together, build sandcastles or splash in one of the two kiddie pools. Plenty of seating for older Sims to supervise their little ones plus a nice picnic area. The bathroom contains stalls for toddlers and older Sims as well as a family one.


Download: Tot Time Play Park

Overview shows how areas are organized as well as how popular it is with Sims of all ages!2Overview

Upon entering the park, large playground equipment plus an extra slide is on the right.

Opposite that is a smaller play area. What a cute sand gnome sculpture!

In the central area is a water fountain that toddlers or older children can play in, decorated with cute sculptures and flanked by two kiddie pools.
Note: Townie children LOVE to play with the rubber ducks and tend to walk off with them! I replaced quite a few during testing, lol … you might decide to remove them or simply not replace after a while.

Behind the water feature on the right is a shaded play area. Plenty of seating for all ages as well as a tree dollhouse and several sets of nesting blocks.
Note: I wish there was a way to send bad kids home! While testing, Malcolm destroyed the tree dollhouse and made Lucas cry. My Sim gained the handiness skill while repairing it.

Behind the shaded area is the unisex bathroom. Two stalls for older Sims, two stalls for toddlers and a family unit. The privacy hedge hides two large garbage bins and a gated area behind the building is where the gardener’s tools and hose are kept.

Opposite the bathroom building is the shady picnic area. Plenty of room for two families to cookout and of course, there’s seating for toddlers (high chairs and low beanbag chairs although the toddlers gravitate to the benches under the covered area, too!).

A chess table was added because it’s a requirement for park classification and was continually used during the time my 5 Sims were there.

Hope your Sims enjoy their time there, too!
♥ Addy

psst … outdoor lighting was added after pictures were taken and edited.

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