SNSA House Challenge by BM

BreeMiles has posted another fun monthly build challenge.
1. Download the lot from the Gallery: APRIL HOUSE CHALLENGE
2. Can place this on any lot you’d like.
3. Add walls where the fence is & doors where the cutouts are.
4. Add roof.
5. Any colors, unlimited budget, try to do base game only.
6. Able to use half walls and add a second floor.
7. Upload using the following hashtags:

Built at Bargain Bend, Willow Creek
2 Bedrooms
1 Bath
Open Living/Dining/Kitchen
Starter Garden
Outdoor play area & fenced-in pool
Plenty of wall space to add personal touches like photos & paintings
Lot Traits: Fast Internet, Homey, Natural Light

Base Game Only
MOO used ~ please use bb.moveobjects on to place

Welcome Home!

April2020 Front

Tester Sim planted apple, basil, chrysanthemum, mushroom, plantain, sage
April2020 Outside2

Fenced-in pool so little ones are safe!
April2020 Outside3
April2020 Outside4

Grill and bar on back deck
April2020 Outside5

April2020 Overview

Main Room
April2020 Main1
April2020 Main2
April2020 Main3
April2020 Main4
April2020 Main5
April2020 Main6
April2020 Main7
April2020 Main8

April2020 Bath1
April2020 Bath2

Main Bedroom
April2020 MBed1
April2020 MBed2

Bedroom for Toddler & Child
April2020 KBed1
April2020 KBed3
April2020 KBed2
April2020 KBed4

Lot tested by:
Dodde Chadwick and her daughter, Haleigh (not in Gallery)
VERDE CHILDREN by Mmdrgntobldrgn

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