Season ONE Contestants

Aspiration: Musical Genius
Traits: Geek, Materialistic, Unflirty

Aspiration: Friend of the Animals
Traits: Childish, Hot-Headed, Neat

Aspiration: Party Animal
Traits: Bro, Dance Machine, Insider

Aspiration: Chief of Mischief
Traits: Cat Lover, Hates Children, Slob

Aspiration: The Curator
Traits: Cheerful, Evil, Snob

Aspiration: Serial Romantic
Traits: Dog Lover, Erratic, Loves Outdoors

Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy
Traits: Jealous, Outgoing, Vegetarian

Aspiration: City Native
Traits: Mean, Music Lover, Squeamish

6 thoughts on “Season ONE Contestants

    1. Welcome, LP! Thanks for “stumbling in”, lol
      I agree, it IS exciting to come across a story that is new and “grow up” along with it.

      These characters are characters, that’s for sure! Gotta love randomness in action! The online randomizer selected their traits and all I did was purposefully not allow trait sharing.

      The game created the sims, I clicked random names a few times on each & stopped when I saw one I thought was interesting and each outfit was checked to avoid duplicates. I can’t recall how aspirations were picked other than to keep them different from one another.

      I think I got pretty lucky doing it this way!!

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