Season 1: Day 9

Previous Day: Sunday

Leisure Day No. 3

The sound of gushing water wakes Erick from a nice dream.

He tries to recall it while eating grilled fruit but can’t. Might as well call the repair shop and get the sinks taken care of.

Brittani also has interrupted sleep.

Fortunately, Veer Chauhan arrives before anyone else wakes up.

Veer repairs and Brittani mops up the mess. The two of them work well together.

What is Erick doing while Brittani assists Veer?

Working on his game and updating #TeamErick fans, of course!

For some reason, Veer tries to catch Otis’ attention and when that doesn’t work, slaps his invoice on the bedside table and heads off to his next job.

Repairs: $118

7 a.m. and rainy? That’s not a problem for Brittani. She keeps busy while she waits for the others to wake up.
(A neat sim can always find something to do in this house!)

It’s not long before the others wake and their “breakfast of champions” is ready.

It also doesn’t take long before the coffee machine is on the fritz again!

Never mind that, it’s time for the contestants to head out to Club Calico. They arrive a little after noon to …

Still rainy. Bummer!

That doesn’t deter Erick as he makes a beeline for the bar and soon has others joining him.

Nothing like a rude introduction to impress the locals, Greta!

Listening to music and driving up the drink tab can only entertain for so long. They’re off to Salty Paws Saloon for some pub grub and fun!

None grab food but manage to find a little bit of fun in this surprisingly quiet establishment. Perhaps their arriving en masse led others to believe it was booked for a private party.

Saved by the bell! Or ringtone!
The Humor and Hijinks Festival beckons!

A quick peek at the gallery gives them time to dry off but fails to catch their imagination so back out into the light drizzle they go.

Erick is having trouble using chopsticks and doesn’t like the spiciness of Pho. I bet he wishes he ordered Goi Cuon like Kelsie did!

At least he handles it well and doesn’t embarrass himself like poor Brittani.

Jermaine orders a Spinach Wrapped Veggie Burrito but Clara Bjergsen picks up his order before he can. He places another order but Khaled Mansouri helps himself. Poor Jermaine! He consoles himself by watching a performance by one of the Jokesters.

The Pranksters win!
Time to celebrate their victory and the end of the festival with fireworks!!

Fireworks, schmireworks. Greta is more interested in her bowl of chips than in watching the display across the night sky.

The tired but happy contestants arrive home after a long day.

Good night, all.

They’re sure to enjoy uninterrupted sleep after such a busy day. Right?!

Day 9 Tally
Leisure Day

Points Earned:
Erick 20
Mikaela 15
Greta 10
Otis 10
Brittani 5
Jermaine 5

Day 10

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    1. Yes, they are. That’s what happens when there are 8 sims on the lot using the same things repeatedly without doing any handiness upgrades. Good thing I don’t have to worry about their having to earn any money to pay for things.

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