Season 1: Day 8

Previous Day: Saturday


A short time after the stragglers go to bed, Mikaela wakes and enjoys an after-midnight snack of grilled fruit.

Her peace is broken by the view of the broken sink so she does what seems to come naturally, complain about the dirty surroundings.

The moderator can’t help but be amused when a review of the camera footage shows her complaining and pointing out the problem without realizing that she is the only one awake.

At least she mops up the mess (not that it will do any good since it will keep on making a mess until fixed!) and makes the second sink sparkle again.

Mikaela takes pride in a job well done and rewards herself with some television.

Greta wakes and joins Mikaela in the kitchen.

Brittani grabs a tofu dog and Mikaela wonders if coffee grounds can predict one’s future like tea leaves do.

Kelsie and Jermaine have tofu dogs in mind as they use different stairs to get to the grill. Kelsie arrives before Jermaine but changes outfits and heads downstairs. Jermaine lets nothing distract him from manning the grill!

Not one to stand around when there’s cleaning to do, Greta grabs a nearby mop. She briefly considers whacking #TeamErick with said mop when he offers advice on holding the mop instead of offering to help.

The moderator is proud of her for ignoring him as she tackles the troublesome spot a second time before moving to another puddle.
(Yikes! A 2nd sink is broken!!)

Not sure why Mikaela woke Otis up but she is looking mighty pleased with herself for doing so!

It turns out to be a good thing because Kelsie stops cooking macaroni and cheese partway through the meal. Otis to the rescue!!
(I got nervous when she stopped cooking & fully expected the stove to catch on fire … was super relieved when Otis stepped in to finish the preparations. I considered guiding her to finish but was curious as to what would happen if I left things alone. Hooray for Otis!!!)

Otis immediately reaps the reward for doing a good deed.
(I buy fire alarms! One for the stove and a second placed near the grill.)

Jermaine finally finished fixing food but wandered off to do something else. Erick is not one to pass up grabbing a plate. The moderator wishes he would stop passing on taking the time to clean up after himself!

Mikaela nabs a nap at 10:09 AM.

The moderator decides the next challenge will begin as soon as she wakes up and is surprised to see how much can happen during that time.

They take turns with the mop.

They make meals for themselves and others.

Erick mixes a drink and leaves it on the bar. His loss is Quinton’s gain!

They entertain themselves and each other.

2:45 PM and time for the contestants to go to the challenge room!!

The sixth challenge …

Goal: The sim who lasts the longest while practicing writing will be awarded 10 points!

On your mark. Get ready. Begin!

They’re pounding the keys at the one-hour mark.
1Hour Mark

Frustration sets in at 4:10 and Quinton shouts forbidden words.

They’re still going but not as strong at the two-hour mark.
2Hour Mark

Around the three-hour mark Erick is getting bored.

Further frustration sets in at 5:49 and Otis shouts forbidden words.

Brittani complains of Writer’s Block then steps away from the computer. As she is exiting the room, she notices that Jermaine has also stopped for the same reason.

A few minutes later, Writer’s Block hits Mikaela.

Then it simultaneously strikes Greta and Quinton.

Those eliminated exit the room. Some grab grub while others need naps.

At 7:26, Greta shouts forbidden words due to her frustration at having lost this challenge.

Next to suffer Writer’s Block is Kelsie with Erick following within minutes.

The winner and only sim to not have Writer’s Block is Otis.
Congratulations, Otis! It must feel good to claim your first 10 points. Or not.

The evening passes with the contestants going about business as usual.

They eat and socialize.

They relax and socialize.

Dirty dishes make Otis feel creeped out even though he went up there to collect them for washing. Jermaine is feeling frustrated by others leaving a mess and loudly complains about it.

Speaking of dirty, a third sink is now broken and spewing water down in the second bathroom area.
3rd Sink

Otis observes the wind being removed from Jermaine’s sails as Erick arrives and begin cleaning up the mess that mostly he made.

The cleaning spree must have left Erick feeling more drained than expected so he is the first to say good night.

A final round of eating and cleaning takes place followed by the contestants working their way toward their beds.

And for those keeping track, there are now three broken sinks.

Day 8 Tally

Points Earned:
Erick 20
Mikaela 15
Greta 10
Otis 10
Brittani 5
Jermaine 5

The second trio of challenges are done and there isn’t a hint of who will win so at this point, it’s anyone’s game! Time for a couple of leisure days to relax, unwind and perhaps plan some strategies.
Day 9

6 thoughts on “Season 1: Day 8

  1. All those broken sinks would drive me crazy! I don’t know how you do it, Addy. Love the “censored” text you added to cover the forbidden words. LOL. This is such a fun read. You do a great job of organizing the chaos. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know! The first time it happened, I was tempted to nudge someone to do repairs but quickly came to my senses as that would defeat the fun, randomness of this challenge. Now I just laugh and say something like, “oh, look … there is another one” and check my paper calendar to see when I can call the repair person.

      Ha ha, adding the “censored” text seemed like the thing to do. I’m treating this like a reality show and trying not to get a mature rating slapped on it.

      Thank you! Taking notes while I play might slow things down (it takes me a long time to get a day done!) but it’s the best way I can think of to keep things straight. Once again I thank my husband for “forcing” me into getting a second monitor … it makes things so much easier.

      Liked by 1 person

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