Season 1: Day 5

Previous Day: Wednesday

Leisure Day No. 2

Nature calling is an effective “alarm setting” but so is the game deciding the contestants need to be up & about.
(I know there is nothing to be done, but it still boggles my mind to enter a game and not have sims where I saved them at!)

Not again! Greta calls the Repair Service about a second sink needing attention. Veer arrives and quickly resolves the issue, causing all to smile (including himself!)

Cost of repair: $100 for service call + $8 to fix sink = $108

The contestants are quite eager to be on their way
They leave a to-do list for the maid arriving today

Their driver grins when given their travel plans because all agree that it’s a lovely day to visit … Oasis Springs!

Shortly after 9 they arrive at Desert Bloom.

Mikaela and Erick take time to respond to fans while the others start to explore all the amenities this park has to offer.

Brittani grills tofu dogs, Quinton works on fruit kebabs and Erick rounds out the meal with veggie burgers.

Brittani places her platter on the picnic table, grabs a plate and goes inside to eat.

Erick sets his tray at the bar but opts to grab a tofu dog instead.

Quinton is upset that no one wants fruit and hopes the delicious smell coming from his plate will entice the others to try some too. He also wonders if he told the wrong story while grilling.
(Quinton is the first sim I’ve played with the Erratic trait. What fun!)

Conversation fills the air as they eat and read books. A few take their turn at the chess table or cloud gaze but most opt to stay inside where it’s cool and comfortable.

Greta thinks a fire is perfect any time of the year.

Erick tries his hand at mixing drinks and things aren’t going well. Time for him to think things over and figure out where he is going wrong.

Erick isn’t one to easily give up and makes another attempt. Quinton doesn’t notice the drink placed in front of him so back to the drawing board … umm … web search he goes. Surely, helpful tips and tricks can be found on the SimNet.

Besides mixing drinks with flair, experts suggest breaking the ice with a couple of jokes. It might also help if Erick stays on one side of the bar while delivering drinks and jokes from there.

All joking aside, it’s time to end things here because the contestants seem more inclined to congregate inside instead of enjoying the great outdoors.

The extra food is packed into containers before they leave the park.
(Packing a sack lunch in this park is a HUGE time sink. The sim grabs the plate of food, heads inside and packs it while sitting in a chair before dropping the sack off at the bar … then heads back to the picnic table to grab another plate. I made three work on this task hoping that it would be a little quicker!)

Today they prefer indoors so The Futures Past might hit the mark!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Erick and Greta are fascinated by the museum’s sign while the others head inside.

Mikaela, Brittani, Jermaine and Otis are drawn the ship models but only Brittani move close enough to get a good view of the details.

The Short Knight brings a smile to Kelsie’s face and Quinton is intrigued by the statue on the floor.

Good conversation can be heard throughout the building.
Jermaine and Caitlyn Duvall bond over landscapes. Erick and Otis seem struck by the suit of armor or perhaps more so by the fair lady, Jesminder Bheeda.

What does one do if they need to freshen up?
You could always ignore the urge and check out the fantastic flamingo on the 3rd floor instead. Not advisable, but you could.

Time for a little intervention before things take a turn for the worse.

The moderator gathers the contestants together and gives the driver directions to their next and final stop for the day.

Where are they going?
What will they do when they get there?
Proceed to Day 5, part two and find out!

5 thoughts on “Season 1: Day 5

  1. Did 7 of your 8 sims get up at the exact same time? If so, that’s bizarre.

    There’s not much to do at that park if they’d decided to stay outdoors. I’m surprised no one went fishing in the little pond there. I see there were other interesting options, like rummaging through the trash can, which is always a good time. *snort* How funny/strange that 3 sims made meals and they were all vegetarian friendly.

    Choosing traits at random seems to have worked out well for you. Glad you’re having fun!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree, it’s bizarre. I think my game session was interrupted by something that took me away from the house and when I returned the game did this. It periodically opens with them doing something else than what they were doing when I saved & exited the game. These sims have minds of their own, I tell you!

      I expected a few to go fishing or perhaps play chess with one another, but no … they pretty much stayed inside that one room.

      I think rummaging in trashcan is tied into Kelsie being a slob. None of the others seem so inclined.

      Jermaine is the only vegetarian in this group so perhaps they chose dishes he would be able to partake of.

      I got LUCKY with these sims and their traits! Watch me jinx myself for season two ha ha

      Liked by 1 person

  2. gww3

    Had an interesting experience reading this story. I was at lunch so listening to Twitch in German and trying to read this. Every so often I actually understood what was being said in German. LOL

    It’s funny how they do so little when on their day off. They should be out doing some fun stuff.
    Can’t believe you had another broken sink.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That would be different, that’s for sure!

      Did you read the second half of their day? They went to another bar and … if you didn’t read it, then I’ll let you discover for yourself what happened.

      These sinks! These sims! This is what happens because sims insist on using the same sink or two. when left to their own devices.


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