Season 1: Day 5 part two

Earlier in the day: Thursday

The contestants arrive at Rattlesnake Juice just before 6 pm.

Greta and Erick send out texts so sims know where to come and hang.

Ordering drinks, meeting sims and learning tricks-of-the-trade is a good way to pass the time.

Mikaela exits the restroom with an odd expression on her face and the moderator discreetly steps over to find out what is going on.
(Her moodlet is a new one to me. Witnessed Crass Act (from Witnessing Public Displays of Affection). Description: Mikaela just witnessed two Sims going at it in public. Is there no such thing as sanity anymore? I thought the Unflirty trait meant that she wouldn’t flirt or accept romantic gestures from others. Apparently, it also means that other sims shouldn’t do anything when they’re around her.)

Looking around …
The moderator notices Jermaine and Kelsie sharing a hug. Will keep an eye on them and see if it’s “liquid courage” or true attraction.

Another round, please!

Kelsie has an odd fascination with public trashcans and doesn’t care who sees her. “Be bold, be daring, be unafraid to make a mess” is her motto.

A few more drinks along with lively conversation is a nice way to end the evening.

The contestants arrive home tired but pleased with how they spent the day. Maybe a snack and a movie or card game before calling it a night. Or not. The maid left more than just her bill for services rendered.

Maid: $40 service call + $30 to clean = $70

Brittani takes a quick look around and sniffs, “I could have done a better job when I was a young girl learning how to do these things!”

Before the grumbling can turn to anything more, the house phone rings.
Miko Ojo is calling about a party going down at the Dance Club and asks if they’re interested in going as her guest.

Looking at one another and the work around them, Erick loops arms with Brittani on one side while Greta does something similar on her other side. “Let’s go! The night is young and so are we! We’ll help you clean … later.”

Smiles dim a little when they reach their destination because it’s dark and drizzling outside The Narwhal Arms in Windenberg. Lights are shining through the windows and music is easily heard so they scurry inside.

“What a perfect setting for a horror movie. The unsuspecting group enter to discover that what they expect is not …” Otis quickly distracts Quinton from beginning yet another unusual story and encourages them to head inside before the good snacks are gone.

Some let the music surround them and quickly join in.

Others seek a quiet little corner or playing in the puddles to recharge their flagging energy levels.

“Otis, my man, move those feet
C’mon and groove to the beat!”
calls out Candy Behr.

Napping and grabbing a few nibbles …

… energizes them enough to finish with a flourish!

The party ends at 3:30 and the grooved-out group arrives home at 3:54 to discover that the drizzly weather has followed them home.

Mikaela stumbles her way to bed with Erick and Quinton following right behind her.

A bit of cleaning and after-midnight snacks helps several wind down before heading off to bed.

Otis washes his plate then decides a cup of coffee will hit the spot before he hits the sack.
(Yes, these pictures are in the correct order! Otis ate his sandwich, washed the plate and THEN makes a mess at the coffee maker. These silly sims, LOL)

Day 5 Tally
Leisure Day ~ no points are added to the previous ones

Points Earned:
Erick 20
Mikaela 10

The contestants fully enjoyed their time off but will late night partying cause them to have issues during the next challenge?
Day 6

4 thoughts on “Season 1: Day 5 part two

  1. Wow this bunch has had an awesome time! I think packing the snacks from a plate should be easier, instead of one sack at a time thing! Why can’t they just throw the whole plate in the bag and be done with it! I love what you have done with there leisure days and will most likely copy these into my games! which won’t appear till around episode 19 in my game! I did however at around episode 15 or 16 add a grill to the home lot upstairs and they cook food from there! I suppose we could remove the stove downstairs and add a grill, not sure how tacky that would look as I have just thought of it! LOL

    Great story by the way and I so love reading them! Can’t wait to see how the challenges goes for them the next 3 days!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I think they did too!

      I agree, it would be lovely if they could pack individual servings or as a group serving to take home. I’m considering looking at each park setting to add counters near the grill area. Adding a grill to the home lot is a good idea 🙂 Anything we can do to get them cooking is a plus, lol

      Glad you liked what I did with leisure days. If you try them and think something should be done differently, let me know and I’ll gladly edit the list.

      I feel the same way with your story 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Mikaela’s expression is priceless! I’ve never played an Unflirty sim, so I haven’t come across that reaction to PDAs.

    Does Kelsie think she’s participating in a different challenge — “Trash to Treasure,” perhaps? Has she actually found anything while rummaging through the trash, or does she just like the feel of it? LOL.

    Raves are always a good time. I just wish sims weren’t trapped there until the party’s over. I’d rather end the party on a high note than with a yawn and a nap. 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I got lucky in seeing her expression because I spend my game session looking around/checking on all of them and jotting down notes.

      She might have her own agenda, lol
      I’ve not noticed anything appearing in her inventory and she tends to make a mess & walk away from it. I’m wondering if the trash pile will be there the next time my group visits the lot.

      I agree! I ended the Welcome Wagon early and it resulted in them not being on good terms with their only visitor so I hesitated doing it a second time. Not sure how many of these spontaneous events they’ll end up doing since none are being accepted on challenge days.

      Liked by 1 person

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