Season 1: Day 3

Previous Day: Monday


Greta wakes up uncomfortable but nothing seems to lift her mood.

Upon waking up, Erick immediately checks his follower status.
Looking good!

Popcorn. Mmm … breakfast of champions!

Just after 8 AM and everybody is awake.
Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed is another story!

The moderator indicates that the next challenge will begin after everybody has eaten.

The sink breaks while Erick is doing dishes so he and Brittani move the pile down to the next couple of sinks and continue cleanup duty.

Quinton begins making more popcorn but gets impatient while waiting and grabs a microwavable pastry instead.

Freshly popped popcorn is delicious but doesn’t fully satisfy, yet the contestants opt for quick convenience over making a meal.

Waiting for everybody to finish eating is like herding cats! Several make return trips to the popcorn popper … meaning a sim or two is always at the table.

After hours of waiting and tapping her foot, the moderator is pleased to see that “mealtime” is almost over. Most have found other activities to keep themselves busy (and away from the table!) while the last few finish.

Kelsie is the last one needing to finish and then the challenge can get underway …

Oh no you don’t, Greta! No going back to bed for a quick nap because then the long cycle of others needing them as well would begin.

The moderator links arms with Greta and leads everyone to the door of the challenge room.

Inserting the key in the lock, the moderator smiles and opens the door with a flourish!

The third challenge is …

Goal: The sim who tells jokes the longest will be awarded 10 points!

On your mark!
Get Set!
(In case anyone is interested, it was around 4 PM when they started)

Greta and Quinton are uncomfortably hungry but neither hang up their mics.

Kelsie briefly pauses because she can’t stomach her own stench.

The first one to hang up their mic is Greta because some needs are greater than others!

One steps away and the others continue to “play”.

Mikaela and Otis complain of hunger but refuse to let their stomach win.
It is humor over hunger!

Question: What does a sim do when they need to pee?
Answer: If they’re Greta, they would …

Hungry? I am! So am I! And me!

Quinton has multiple reasons to step away but tries to ignore those for as long as he can.

The urge for relief outweighs Greta’s need for sleep.

The call of nature is no laughing matter and Quinton hangs up his mic.

The stench overwhelms Kelsie and she also hangs up her mic.
It is now 1:27 AM and five contestants are still battling it out!

A clean Kelsie calls it a night.

Otis weighs personal discomfort against his odds at winning and decides that the odds are not in his favor. Stepping away from the mic at 2 AM, he wishes “Good Luck!” to the remaining four as he walks out the door.

Popcorn smells permeate the air as Quinton savors the flavor and then makes more!
(This stuff must be seriously addictive because sims will stop eating, proceed to make a fresh batch and then eat in front of the popper while they wait for more!)

Goodnight, Otis.

And then there were three. Better Luck next time, #TeamErick!

Correction: There are two contestants left, but from the looks of things not for very much longer.
(My goodness! It is 3:09 AM in the game which means that this challenge has been running for almost 12 hours straight. Wow!!)

Goodnight and pleasant dreams.

It shouldn’t be too much longer now.

And the last sim standing is …


Congratulations, Mikaela!

The winner and runner-up take care of necessities before calling it a night.
(This challenge was a long one but … fun to watch!)

Day 3 Tally
Points Earned:
Erick 20
Mikaela 10

The next two days will be spent on leisurely pursuits, giving our contestants some much needed rest and relaxation. How will they spend their time off?
Will #TeamErick rebound from today’s loss and reclaim the top spot?
Day 4

4 thoughts on “Season 1: Day 3

    1. Luckily, malnutrition is not in-game because there are players who enjoy torturing their SimFolk and youtube would then be filled with videos of this.

      However, starvation is and can be a cause of death. Eating popcorn is helping keep this “trigger” at bay. For now. I’m hoping the contestants with the moodlets eat something a bit more substantial soon. It would be sad to have one lose due to dying of hunger.


  1. That popcorn is like a drug to your Sims. It reminds me of the ice cream machine in TS3. They were obsessed with in in the same way.

    How the heck did they survive for 12 hours without a bathroom break? It amazes me how much inertia rules our Sims at times. They’ll keep doing what they’re doing while complaining they have to pee and are starving. I cracked up when I saw Kelsie reading a book on the toilet earlier in the day! *snort* Multi-tasking.

    It’ll be fun to see what they do on their leisure day. It’s a good thing they don’t have to be up early!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, right?!! I had to remove the chocolate fountain and ice cream machine from a house I was playing because their guests would not leave those items alone which was annoying since I tend to invite others over for a MEAL.

      I also had to remove the teppanyaki grill because the family ghosts would use to fix themselves a meal even when there was prepared food already in the fridge.

      I can’t fathom going that long with a bathroom break! As soon as my mind thinks it … there I go, heading off to freshen up. Multi-tasking indeed, lol

      Quinton (and another sim, can’t recall who) grabbed their partially eaten bowl, walked over to the popper to start another batch and then proceeded to eat popcorn while they watched the kernels pop. LOL

      I hope they won’t sleep through their entire 1st day of leisure each time they receive one because that would put a serious crimp in their actually doing stuff. We’ll see what happens because … sims will be sims, especially when left up to their own devices!!

      Liked by 1 person

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