Season 1: Day 2

Previous Day: Sunday


The day begins with an exhausted contestant heading off to bed.

Erick wakes up and quietly exits the sleeping area, grabbing a bowl of animal crackers as he passes by the fridge.

“Neither of you have gone to bed yet? Are you two crazy?” Erick can’t begin to fathom why some sims aren’t taking this competition more seriously.

Greta merely smiles as she excuses herself from the table and proceeds to clean up. Erick pauses in the middle of a bite at the sight (since he has a good view) as she continues on down the hall toward the other end of the house.

Quinton leans his head around the corner from where he is washing his own bowl and shrugs his shoulders at Erick. “Maybe she prefers privacy. I don’t know, man, just taking a wild guess here.”

The other contestants straddle waking up and discussions as to when the next challenge will start fills the air but is paused when they see Kelsie get up … head to the showers … then back to bed for a power nap.

While she naps, some watch movies and others grab refreshments.

Mikaela selects a microwavable pastry since the popcorn is from the batch made yesterday. Otis notices and gets another cup of kernels popping. She smiles her thanks but declines to wait for it to finish.

Another night owl goes to take a power nap.

Time passes while the well-rested keep themselves busy …


Right as challenge excitement begins building again, the third night owl scoots off for a power nap.
(Addy’s Note: If this had been a recording, you would have heard me muttering about these sims! I planned on starting the challenge as soon as all were awake but … these three … took turns returning to bed for naps!!)

As soon as Quinton stirs (around 12:47 pm), the moderator quickly gathers everybody together and announces the next challenge. “No more delays,” she says with a stern look at several sims.

The second challenge is …

Goal: The sim who finishes their large painting first will be awarded 10 points!

They look at their blank canvases and then one another, hoping for inspiration to strike.

It’s pretty obvious that the same muse visits most of them.

Brittani takes a long time to decide what she wants to paint … probably because she plans to do something different from everybody else!

And the winner is …


“Another win for #TeamErick!” gets tweeted.

Otis finishes 2nd (again!), Mikaela is 3rd and Kelsie rounds out the top four. She is feeling energized by her decent finish and celebrates with sit-ups.

Quinton claims the 5th spot with Jermaine right behind him. Brittani finishes moments before Greta does.

All alone, Greta takes a moment to admire each piece.

They’re Poor Quality and most likely will be snubbed by snobs & perfectionists (but it’s the thought that counts!) so each contestant opts to keep theirs as a memento.

Value of each painting:
Erick – $88
Mikaela and Jermaine – $83
Brittani and Kelsie – $79
Otis – $75
Quinton – $74
Greta – $72
(Interesting how Erick in 1st has the highest value and Greta in 8th/last has the lowest value.)

The afternoon passes much like the day before.

Quinton is such a coffee addict! He never finishes the cup he has in front of him before pouring another one but … looking at his face, the caffeine buzz doesn’t seem to be helping him out much.

The evening activities are similar to those in the afternoon.

Things start slowing down as sims head off to bed.

Brittani and Otis appear to have a Love/Hate relationship … she hates that he loves being horrid to her.
(Otis has the Mean trait but this is the first time I’ve been able to catch him acting up.)

With things getting a little awkward, more sims head off to bed.

Brittani walks away but instead of staying away from Otis, she grabs a bowl of popcorn and begins chatting with him.

As long as they chat everything is fine between these two sims and things only go south when Otis periodically peppers the conversation with gross jokes and insults.

Otis calls it a day and Brittani finishes her popcorn before turning in. He may have made her angry but she keeps a smile on her face at the end of their exchange and considers that a small victory.
(Addy’s Note: As you might recall, Brittani is Childish and Hot-Headed whereas Otis is Mean. It’s interesting how they choose to single each other out for “conversational sparring”.)

Day 2 Tally
Points Earned:
Erick 20

It will be interesting to see who prevails during tomorrow’s challenge.
Will Erick win again or will another sim stop his momentum?
Day 3

10 thoughts on “Season 1: Day 2

  1. Roggie

    Love it! I want to do this challenge, but at the same time I kinda don’t want to set it up… or… you know… do anything. I’m more of the rags to riches type. Can’t wait for day three!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 🙂

      The great thing about this game is its flexibility! You can focus on playing or building or a bit of both … it’s definitely not “one size, fits all” & I ❤ that it can be tailored to suit individual preferences.

      That being said, I tend to play the same way when left up to my own devices and use these challenges as a fun way to break out of my box every once in a while. Whether you play or read/watch ours … have fun and as always, Happy Simming =)


  2. Funny how the guy who bested the fitness test would also beat the others in a creativity-based challenge. Then again, I don’t remember everyone’s traits, so maybe that would explain it. Otherwise, it’s just Sims randomness, which is always fun. Love the #TeamErick tweets — nice touch! And how awesome that you caught Otis throwing a drink in Brittani’s face! I don’t remember seeing that in my game before. But it’s like you said, we tend to stick to our own styles of play until a challenge comes along and pushes us out of our comfort zone. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know! I didn’t expect Erick to win both!! His are Bro, Dance Machine & Insider so he had as good a chance as any of them. I believe it’s Insider that causes him to use the phone as much as he does.

      Otis is Mean and Brittani is Hot-Headed so I expected that these two might not rub along. However, I thought Greta, who is Evil, would be the bigger problem. Other than a few insults on Day 1, she’s been pretty easygoing. Maybe she has set a plan in motion. Mwa ha ha

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Prissy

    Hiya Addy!!! This sure is a unique challenge. How you can keep up with everyone – while keeping track of their scores – is beyond me. LOL

    Looking forward to Day 3!!! (( psssst. when do you think you’ll have it done? hahaha ))

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hidehi, Prissy!!
      Unique. Easy to do. Fun to play. All of these (and more!) apply.

      How do I keep up with everyone?
      Frequently moving my view around the lot. I might miss a few things here & there, but I think I catch most of it.

      How do I keep track of scores and such?
      Word and Excel … both are kept open during game sessions, Word is used for taking notes that will later be turned into updates. Excel is the best way for me to keep track of things like points and skills.

      I’m fortunate enough to have two monitors (thanks once again to my husband!!) so it’s super easy to go between the game, these two files and sometimes the thread for a rule refresh.

      Day 3? What Day 3?
      LOL, just kidding! All ready to go, but am trying to be good & make more progress with certain things for the homemade gift exchange. Work before pleasure. Wait a sec! BOTH are fun!! … Oh, who am I kidding? It will be available this week. The secret stuff is coming along nicely, too.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Prissy

        LMAO!!!! You’re too funny. “Work before pleasure”

        Ahhhhh!! Yes – that *would* make a difference. ((having 2 monitors)) I would assume then, that you have *2* keyboards as well?? {{*never did quite understand the concept of having 2 monitors. I mean, sure – you can LOOK between the 2, but if you needed to **write** something on the “other one”, you would have to have another keyboard}}

        Soooo – some time this week. Sweet !!! I will wait IM patiently for something to appear on FB. ((or, I can always just come look at your page *here* to see if you put it up yet))

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hee hee. Thought you’d like that.

        No. 2 monitors but only 1 mouse and 1 keyboard. My graphics card allows more than one monitor so one is set up as primary and the other as secondary. I have them next to each other and simply move cursor mouse to which screen I want to be “active”. Copy/paste between the two is awesome!! I write chapters in Word and then copy them here. Drag and drop pictures to add them here is easy too. I’m sure there are other more efficient ways to do some of the things I do but what I have works for me. 🙂

        Yes. Depending on how you followed, you will either get an email letting you know there is new activity or it will show up in your reader (something I am so bad about looking at on a regular basis!). Or … you could just look and see the “ad” I post on FB or Twitter when it goes “live”.


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