Season 1: Day 13

Previous day: Thursday


Even though they went to bed at different times, Jermaine and Otis laugh when they wake up at the same time.

Kelsie isn’t happy with burnt popcorn but prefers being on this end of the house when Otis decides to cook again.

“Come and grab a grilled cheese sandwich!”

Jermaine is upstairs making veggie burgers but steps away to get one.
Kelsie joins them but mainly does it so she can chat with Otis.

After doing dishes, Otis yells at Kelsie. She has no idea why he’s yelling about babies when all of the contestants are single and not in relationships. “Men!”

“Perhaps he needs a reminder of how a conversation should go.”, Kelsie decides.

1 pm: Everybody is awake.
1:35 pm: Time to start their next challenge!

Today’s challenge is …


At 1:58 pm, Kelsie has enough and seeks a shower.

At 2:23 pm, Greta stops to stare at the wall and Mikalea wants to figure out why.

Quinton is done at 2:33 pm and is followed a couple of minutes later by the “twins”, Otis and Jermaine.

This means Erick and Brittani are vying for the top spot.

Everyone hangs around to see who will be victorious … even Erick.
Wait, what? That’s right, Erick stopped too. Brittani is the winner!

What does everybody do to relax and unwind from the challenge?

Quinton and Mikaela enthuse about dogs. In a toilet stall.
Others have an impromptu burnt popcorn party.
Jermaine escapes the madness and find a quiet spot.


Vlad drops by and the narrator is watching to see if anybody answers the door. They’re not supposed to on challenge days but since this is a hands-off challenge, who knows what they will do!

Thankfully, everybody continues doing their own thing.

Jermaine cleans up the mess he left behind.

Quinton blows off some steam. Not sure if Brittani instigated anything or if he’s tense because this outdoor loving Sim is stuck indoors but either way, it’s not pretty.

On last sweep around the building at 11:30 pm.
Jermaine is enjoying a cup of coffee.
Several enjoy non-burnt popcorn.
Quinton reads to take his mind off of matters beyond his control.
Two get plenty of sleep because they remember what tomorrow is.

We’re going to end here and pick it back up again later.
The next two days are Leisure Days so it should be interesting to see where they go and what they do.

Leisure Days coming soon!

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