Season 1: Day 12

Previous Day: Wednesday


A dark, rainy day … just like yesterday.
Good thing they aren’t planning on going anywhere, lol

Mikaela is glad nobody saw what just happened.

A little later …

Otis starts a FIRE while fixing eggs and toast.
Thank goodness Erick and Kelsie grab fire extinguishers!
It’s bad but could have been worse.

Brittani is tempted to make a joke about the burnt popcorn but after the morning they had, decides against it.

Two sinks are broken but they can’t call for repairs.
(A/N:  It’s been a while since I played, so a quick refresher of the rules reminded me that the repair service can only be called on Leisure Days. The next one is Saturday … a few days away!)

Otis heads back to the stove and makes Mac n Cheese without any problems. Whew!
Everybody hung around in case help was needed.

After several complaints (including one from Mikaela!), Brittani mops up the mess without batting an eye.

It should come as a surprise to no one that Erick can be once again found mixing up drinks that no one will enjoy.

As soon as Otis finishes eating, the contestants make their way to the next challenge room.

Today’s challenge is …

At 1:28 pm, they step up to the mics and begin!

Who will be the first to drop their mic?
Otis who desperately needs to use the restroom at 5:34pm.

At 6:07 pm, Quinton has to go too!
Followed by Jermaine at 7:14 pm.

The guys hang outside the challenge room, chatting and eating popcorn while they guess who will take 1st Place.

Will it be reigning champion Erick? Or will someone edge closer to toppling him from the top?

It won’t be Kelsie who heads off to bed at 9:25 pm.

Jermaine and Quinton head that way themselves.

The bathroom calls to Brittani at 11:07 pm and Mikaela at 11:28 pm.

Who will win this? Erick or Greta?

Otis, Mikaela and Brittani are in bed by 1:42 am and the contest is still going on!

Neither is ready to cede.
Both are neck-in-neck both in contest and out. Their needs for bladder, hunger and energy are in the orange. Which will be the reason for the victory?

At 2:28 am, the answer is clear.
The need to use the bathroom causes Greta to step away from her mic.

Erick is the winner of today’s challenge!

We will stop here and pick up again on Day 13.

Day 12 Tally
Points Earned:
Erick 40
Mikaela 15
Greta 10
Otis 10
Brittani 5
Jermaine 5
Kelsie 0
Quinton 0

Day 13 coming soon!

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