Season 1: Day 11

Previous Day: Tuesday


What a dark, rainy day. Perfect for staying indoors & participating in today’s challenge!

Greta wakes up and discovers that Erick hasn’t gone to bed yet.

Today is a Holiday: The Lottery
All a sim has to do is purchase a lottery ticket via the phone or computer. Too bad I can’t control them or I would have each contestant purchase one!

Erick cleans up after himself and both Greta & Brittani compliment him on his efforts. Maybe he has earned a reward like Brittani seems to be suggesting.

While waiting for the others to wake, they go about business as usual. Eat. Clean. Nap. Laugh maniacally.

Time for “breakfast”! Mikaela bypasses the fridge for … burnt popcorn but later returns to snag the last of the cake. Must have something to take away the taste of burnt food, right?! Or you could do like Erick and simply have a liquid lunch.

Greta thinks this movie is missing something.

Sometimes, a little Erick goes a long way. Brittani could follow Quinton’s lead and shout forbidden words while in a stall … that might be a little more effective than trying to calm down while looking at your own angry face. Maybe.

The contestants either like the holiday (share the lottery spirit like Greta!); loathe it (complain about the lottery like Mikaela!) or are fine with it either way (sing about the lottery like Kelsie!).

It looks like the contestants are ready to start the challenge. C’mon Jermaine, everyone is waiting on you!

The seventh challenge …




… and the winner is …


“Another win for #TeamErick! There’s no stopping this First-Class Train!”, Erick tweets.





Time to check-in with the others.

Back to the challenge:


Mikaela is enjoying talking about their works of art and wonders if they should replace some of the other artwork around the place.

Oh, no! Not again, Erick!!

… and the challenge is officially over …

Erick might have finished first, but Brittani earns MVP (Most Valuable Painting).

After the challenge, it’s back to business as usual. Eat, clean, nap.

Quinton thinks scaring Kelsie is a fun idea, but Kelsie begs to differ.

That’s okay, Kelsie. Jermaine is there to offer support and hugs.

Brittani, Otis and Mikaela all plan on watching different things. Which did they end up going with? Take a look at the last picture for a hint.

Brittani and Mikaela think the movie needs a few additions. Funny that Mikaela doesn’t care for Erick talking during the movie and shushes him.
Don’t you ladies wish Erick was closer so he could pat your shoulder & let you know it’s okay?

That’s right, Erick, time for bed. Don’t do like Kelsie and risk a repeat of last night. Although perhaps a snack might be a good idea for settling down.

Things start winding down and the contestants head off to bed.

And in case anyone was curious, there was a message popup at 2:00 AM:
The Lottery was awful!
The Lottery really wasn’t up to insert-sim’s-name-here expectations. He/She didn’t get to participate in enough of the traditions he/she likes. Maybe next year.

Day 11 Tally
Points Earned:
Erick 30
Mikaela 15
Greta 10
Otis 10
Brittani 5
Jermaine 5

Day 12

6 thoughts on “Season 1: Day 11

    1. I can understand your confusion since you don’t play the game, hon. Otis got third place because he finished third in terms of the time it took to finish a painting. Players don’t get to choose what gets painted only that it is either a small, medium or large painting and depending on skill level, the style of painting. I’m doing large Classic each time they have this type of contest until they reach a point where all can do a different style.


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