Season 1: Day 10

Previous Day: Monday

Leisure Day No. 4

Greta wakes up early, really early (3:45 a.m.!) and the stench might be the reason because she phones for repairs, takes out the trash and then nabs a nap.

Repair Invoice: $112

While she’s doing her thing, some of the others are too.

The doors are unlocked to let in the repairman, but Supriya Delgato thinks nothing of letting herself in and brewing a pot of coffee. The nerve of some sims!

At least she does the decent thing and leaves after having a cup of coffee. Must have wanted something to warm herself up because of the rain. Ever hear of a food stall, Supriya? Or perhaps … your own home?!
(The moderator will be sending you a bill)

Breakfast is ready!

The contestants unanimously decide to host a House Party (not as a goaled event). Doesn’t everyone look nice in their party clothes?

The first guest arrives!
It’s our favorite handyman, Veer Chauhan!

Other guest start arriving.

Otis decides to play bartender even though the moderator hires a Mixologist (Mila Munch). A Caterer (Clara Bjergsen) and an Entertainer (Rania Ichmawin) are also on duty.

The maid service will send someone over at 1:06 PM.

Erick enjoys playing host! Wow … Candy Behr came!!
Hopefully we’ll see some smooth moves upstairs on the dance floor!

Candy orders a drink and joins Mikaela. She definitely knows how to schmooze and make everyone feel special, perhaps that is why she is definitely one to see and be seen with!

Mizuki and Brittani, you don’t need to do that. The maid should be here soon. **fingers crossed**

Otis has things under control downstairs so Veer offers to do the same upstairs. Mila doesn’t mind as she leaves her station within minutes of arriving at it (Why did I bother hiring a mixologist?!). Erick knows he can do better than Mila or Veer for that matter.

Is that a cookbook? I hope so! Sims are doing what they can to ignore their tummies grumbling from the lack of … FOOD! Oh, good you can at least give them a caffeine buzz since you’re not making anything of sustenance.

At least the entertainer, Rania, is ensuring everybody is enjoying themselves and trying to be as entertaining as possible. If you think doing pushups near a pile of dirty dishes while wearing a floor-length gown is entertaining, that is!

While the caterer is “busy”, Candy helps by preparing something the hungry partygoers can nibble on. Everybody appreciates her efforts and don’t have the heart to tell her that she burnt the popcorn.

The maid, Houda Ghomari, arrives with a smile.
(She arrived at 2:44 when the popup message indicated she would be there at 1:06. There must have been some sort of delay with Loading Screen Co. Public Transportation!)

Finally, … one of the hired help that will actually help! … Maybe.

That’s okay, I guess. Nobody is complaining about the piles of plates because they’re having too much fun. Otis certainly is!

Quinton, on the other hand isn’t. “Hey, Mixologist Mistake, there’s no point in YOU trying to give ME pointers when I’m the one who is actually mixing drinks here!”, Quinton snaps at her.

Time passes while the hosts and guests enjoy themselves.

Will wonders never cease?


Clara is pleased with her efforts and keeps on going, this time with French Toast. Better late than never, I guess.

There’s just a “small” problem … the party ended.
(Clara? Where are YOU going? Did you forget to do something?)

Ugh. They get charged $99 for “maid” services.
(I wonder if sims can call & complain?)

After the guests leave, the contestants go about business as usual. They hang around the bar. Otis seems ready to give #TeamErick a run for his money! They also clean up the mess, make coffee, pursue various interests and of course … watch TV.

Oh plum! The TV is broken.

Thankfully, Veer is a mere phone call away and delivers better service than any other service sim around!

Repair Invoice: $107

Eventually things wind down and the contestants head off to bed. Well … most of them do.

What keeps Erick from hitting the sack?

“Hmm …”, Erick wonders. “The air smells different. Did the maid spray air freshener before she left? I kind of like it.”

Day 10 Tally
Leisure Day – day off so no additional points were awarded

Points Earned:
Erick 20
Mikaela 15
Greta 10
Otis 10
Brittani 5
Jermaine 5

Day 11

4 thoughts on “Season 1: Day 10

  1. Could Supriya Delgato be checking the place out for the next season of contestants? Call & complain would be a nice option to have for sure! Team Eric better get some rest! Awesome story, can’t wait to read more!

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