Pete: Week 3, part 2

Week 3, Day 5

Pete takes care of a few chores before opening his store.

Now this is a surprise! Dr. Kali Odom, the veterinarian, is a kleptomaniac! Pete stays with her until her purchase is concluded.

It takes 12 hours to sell 10 items.

~~~~ §§§§ ~~~~

Week 3, Day 6
Friday ~ Love Day

(A/N: Am not sure what happened but the game tossed another Love Day at Pete. Perhaps the SIMverse wants him to find a special someone!)

Pete buys a perk. Hopefully, sales will happen faster.

Dr. Odom is back and Pete is pleased when she purchases the store’s newest item, a luxury cat condo. (First customer to buy something, 4 hours after store opened!)

He’s glad he opened early because it takes 12 hours to sell 11 items.

Pete grabs a nap and shower in the hopes that his date will go well.
Karina Bachman is a loner so a park outing sounds like a good idea.

The weather is good as is the company. Karina seems to like Pete as much as he likes her.

He’s too busy enjoying time with his NEW girlfriend and down he goes. Zzzz
Karina thinks he has the right idea and naps on a nearby bench.

~~~~ §§§§ ~~~~

Week 3, Day 7

“No scratching the furniture, Simon!”
(A/N: I thought I had a screenshot showing that Simon learned to not scratch the furniture but I couldn’t find it. Two of his bad habits have been corrected. Yay!)

Pete had every intention of finding Simon a forever home among his customers but … Simon’s forever home is with Pete! He will need to find another animal to foster.

It takes 8 hours to sell 11 items.

Week 3, part 1 §§§§ Finale

12 thoughts on “Pete: Week 3, part 2

  1. OH My GOSH that is super funny Pete has worked long and hard to get this girl and by the time it happens he falls asleep at her feet! Loved this read Addy and I’m so happy that Pete finally got his girl!

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  2. Lourdes Cabrera

    I’m glad Pete will be adopting Simon, he is such a cute cat! That part were Pete falls of asleep from exhaustion and Karina joins him was adorable, they are so right for each other! Making that big sale of the luxury cat condo was awesome! I see there’s a lot kleptos to be on the look out for.. Lovely chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank YOU for reading & commenting! ❤
      When it came time to sell Simon, I just couldn’t. He and Pete make a great team! I agree, Karina is the Sim for Pete! It seems like one klepto visits the store each day so I wrote down names and kept track of them when they walked in the door.

      Liked by 1 person

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