Pete: Week 3, part 1

(A/N: To prevent the story from getting boring for both of us, workdays will be consolidated and highlights given.)

The Price Markup is 25% this week.

Perk points are used to purchase Faster Checkouts.

Week 3, Day 2

Pete takes care of Simon’s needs and then his own before opening the store.

He keeps an eye on another potentially sticky-fingered Sim.

Sims are now taking longer to decide if they want to buy something.
It took Pete 10 hours to sell his 10 items today.

Pete & Simon are exhausted from the long day and take a nap before doing anything else.

“No scratching the furniture, Simon!”
Hopefully, Simon will be broken of this bad habit before he finds a forever home.

~~~~ §§§§ ~~~~

Week 3, Day 3

Pete needs all the help he can get!
(A/N: He’s always exhausted and needing fun so I got these potions so he can open the store in a timely manner.)

The dots finally connect for Simon. Hooray!3

“Good job, Simon!”

GASP! Hakim Ichmawin is bold and swipes a food dish with disregard for Pete and the others standing nearby.
(A/N: This disappointed me. None of the other Sims reacted/stopped the swiping from happening which is something they would have done if the klepto Sim controlled by us did this very thing. I expected to at least see the reaction Sims give when another shouts forbidden words in front of them.)

Pete firmly asks Hakim Ichmawin to leave the store.

Today it took 12 hours to sell his inventory of 10 items.

~~~~ §§§§ ~~~~

Week 3, Day 4

Pete notices that the thief has been hired as a paparazzi and hopes this will keep his focus turned elsewhere.

It does! Hakim never entered the store.

It took 10 hours to sell 10 items.
Pete is trying not to get discouraged by how little he’s making at the store.
(A/N: At 25% Price Markup, Pete brings home §204 a day if he sells all 10 items. Thank goodness he has a garden because that is where a good bit of his weekly earning comes from! Without that, he most likely couldn’t afford a home for a long time!)

Day 15 §§§§ Days 19 to 21

13 thoughts on “Pete: Week 3, part 1

  1. That was some super awesome thief that the others didn’t notice him! Yes I agree our klepto’s should be able to get by with stealing in a large group if the NPC are aloud too it’s very discouraging Addy! Lovely read my dear!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I agree Addy the one item they were stealing from Higgins were well over a hundred bucks, if it had been just a starter and him with know money it would have messed his earnings up! When I put that handmade knife set there know one has touched anything since!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lourdes Cabrera

    Like real life Pete needs some potions to help with exhaustion, mine is coffee.. Does Pete have a coffee brewer? Good thing Simon is becoming house broken and ready for a new home! Too bad no one reacted to the Klepto Sim, but Pete did make sure he left and now Hakim has a new career as a paparazzi, those celebrity Sims have better take good care of their belongings.. Great chapter!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank YOU for reading & commenting! ❤
      No, Pete doesn’t have a coffee machine because I didn’t have counter space to spare. If doing this again, I will definitely consider that in my design. I was surprised that the game mechanics allowed the klepto to steal without any reactions when my klepto Sim gets a reaction if another Sim sees the attempt. I say attempt because it prevents the swipe from happening. Not fair!!! LOL

      Liked by 1 person

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