Pete: Finale

Week 4, Day 1

2nd time is the charm! Love Day was everything Pete hoped it would be.

TODAY is a special day in it’s own way.

Pete fills the food bowls before he gets busy.

As you can see, he has plenty of money in which to build a nice home!
(A/N: I transferred money and took Pete to his home lot but … could not build a starter priced home that I was happy with so time for Plan B.)

Simon is over at the pond and away from the dangers of a construction site.

When the work is done, Pete takes a well-deserved nap.

So what is Plan B?
Adding living quarters AT the shop, of course.

We’ll take a tour later.
Now it’s time to focus on Pete.

He takes Karina to Myshuno Meadows and pops the question.
She says yes!

With Simon and Deangelo (Karina’s teen son) serving as witnesses, Pete and Karina tie the knot then discuss living arrangements and expectations.

They love their new place!

The garden brought in a lot of income & made many of the renovations possible.

When the weather is nice, they grill in the evenings or on the weekends.

The shower room has been turned into a 2nd half bathroom, just for employees.
The old “living quarters” is an office with plenty of space to work on the books, make lunch or find a cure for the sick animals.

Upstairs Overview


Pete & Karina’s Bedroom


Deangelo’s Bedroom

Whether Pete & Karina are blessed with a child together or not, Pete plans to adopt Deangelo and will teach him about the benefits of running a retail store like …


Thanks for reading!

12 thoughts on “Pete: Finale

  1. Addy that was a super great ending to Pete’s story, he finally got the girl and a bonus teen, what could be better! Pete, Simon, Karina, & Deangelo will be nice and cozy in the nice new home you made for them, and may I say I love what you have done with the place! Super wonderful!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Am pleased to have finished and met the goals of the initial challenge.

      Glad you like the way the apartment turned out.

      I could joke about offering to show more pictures of the apartment but I won’t. I might re-visit Pete at some point and give Deangelo a sibling.


  2. Lourdes Cabrera

    That is a beautiful finale chapter!! I love the proposal scene at the gazebo! Your plan B home looks awesome!! I really like the design, and that he can have a place to help his foster animals, that is wonderful! Deangelo is lucky to have a very kind step dad like Pete.. Now that he has a wife that also loves animals, she can help him run the store, and he will not faint from exhaustion any more.. Love happy endings!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank YOU for reading & commenting! ❤
      Glad you enjoyed the finale … it was fun to play and write about. The park in San Myshuno is a terrific place for a date or wedding! It’s so pretty there!! Am looking forward to Karina and perhaps Deangelo helping out so poor Pete isn’t running on empty. I love, love, love how the upstairs apartment turned out!!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. The rules of the challenge requires the Sim to marry and produce an heir so I decided to do it this way. the hurry was because I didn’t want to drag things out any more.

      Thanks! I thought so too.


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