Pete: Day 6

Week 1, Day 6

Yesterday’s holiday was successful and gave Pete a nice mood boost.

A second cat is seeing stars (pictured) and Mayor Whiskers had red glowing feet (not pictured). Something is getting these cats sick!

After picking up rainbow colored poop, Pete carefully washes his hands before fixing eggs and toast.

*bang scrape bang*
“I thought this was a non-stick pan!”

Word is getting out so more Sims are stopping by the store, good.
That means more loiterers and socializers instead of just customers, not-so-good.

Hopefully they become customers!

Pete is happy to see interest in the store’s newest item!

He decides to stay open later on Friday and Saturday. It’s a good thing too as customers browsed longer before deciding to purchase items.

Sales Breakdown
1 Bag of Cat Food
1 Food Bowl
1 Litter Box
1 Neon Sign
1 Small Pet Bed
0 Large Pet Bed
1 Scratching Post
1 Toybox
0 Cat Tree DeBox

Price Markup: 50%

He used his perk points and purchased Faster Checkouts (small). He hopes this paired with Faster restocking (small) will make customers happier and buy more.

Pete isn’t sure which dog did this or if it was more than one but there are small piles of hairs everywhere! He needs to clean this up before he gets cited for a health code violation.

Since it’s Friday night and the store is doing well, he decides to go to the Spice Festival.

By the time he finished restocking and cleaning up out front, it was 7:30 pm when he arrives at the festival.

Free food! Pete decides to try Tajine for the first time.

Looking at the faces of those at the table, he’s glad he decided to wait before doing the Spicy Curry Challenge.

Alika Kahananui wishes he’s eating what Pete is obviously enjoying. He tosses his uneaten food aside and walks away and Pete is a bit taken aback by this wastefulness.

Apparently the dress code for this festival is varying shades of brown and temporary piercings. At least the others aren’t snubbing Pete for his lack of city fashion.

Karina Bachman is cute but she’s a stay-at-home mom and Pete doesn’t think he can support a ready-made family at this time.

Free Food? Spicy Curry Challenge? Who cares? is what this Sim appears to be saying. She has been grilling platter after platter since before Pete got there.

He tries the Bubble Machina for the first time and to be honest, isn’t sure what he thinks of it.

Both tables are laden with food Norah Jack made. Pete introduces himself and learns she is a stay-at-home mom. Perhaps in time they can become friends and this Foodie will teach him a few kitchen tricks.

It’s getting late so Pete heads back to the store and it’s small comfy bed.

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8 thoughts on “Pete: Day 6

  1. Pete looks like me and when I’m fixing eggs in my non-stick pans :)! The loiterers and socializes kill’s Higgins too Pete! Oh no Pete get to cleaning before they shut you down! Glad Pete got to go out to the spice festival, meeting people could also mean extra business for his store! It was a great day for Pete!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL Non-stick pans can be so annoying!

      This ratio was like that the entire day. At least a loiterer or two bought something!

      Knowing what I now know, I might not have done a pet store with strays … several are ill and there are at least 2-4 fights each day outside the front door.

      That was my thought too. That and hopefully meeting a potential Mrs. Pete. lol

      Thanks! He’s doing really well overall.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Lusie Dageraad

    I feel sorry for the sick cats. I was wondering…is the rainbow poop worth more money?
    The perks he got sound good. I hope they will help him earn more!
    I like the spice festival. Free food is always good. Apparently that one sim doesn’t agree with me lol Must be addicted to burgers… I had to laugh when I saw the snubbing looks. I’m also not sure what to think of the bubble machine.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do too! Too many sick cats and dogs hanging out neat the store. No, it doesn’t appear to be and I get rid of it instead of using it for fertilizer.

      Spice Festival is a fun one to go to! I’ve never paid attention to what other Sims wear to this one so it was a new-to-me moment. lol

      To be honest, I don’t see a purpose in the bubble machine. Why would you want to spend money to blow bubbles? I had Pete blow the kind that was already in the machine so he didn’t have to pay to do it.


  3. Lourdes Cabrera

    Illness is interesting in the Sims 4, cats have rainbow poop, people get well by taking a cure all that they order online.. I wish real life was that easy! I hope he can send the cats to the vet..

    Going to the Spice Festival is a great change of pace for Pete.. Spicy free dishes time to watch out.. He got to meet some new people and even try the Bubble Machina, which is better than just working and putting up with the loiterers and socializers.. I just hope he doesn’t have to pay for the spicy dishes he ate, with other undesired consequences..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank YOU for reading & commenting! ❤
      It would be nice if ordering a bottle of medicine cured whatever ailments we had. Pets can go to the vet, strays can’t. Wellness treats should help in that regard.

      I agree, it was a nice change of pace for Pete. He met people and enjoyed free food & if I’m remembering correctly, didn’t have an issue with an upset stomach.

      Liked by 1 person

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