Pete: Day 2

Week 1, Day 2

While Pete sleeps, the stray cats and dogs make themselves at home.

He opens the store at 8 am and begins greeting potential customers.

Pete’s not sure how he feels about a celebrity hanging about and bringing paparazzi & fans with him. Hopefully, it will drive up sales!


Another sale is pending … Pete! Stop snapping pics … you have a customer waiting! A celebrity customer.

As soon as he heads toward Octavia, another customer is ready!

Pete! Stop being a fanboy! You have a young customer waiting with money in hand.

Neat! Thorne stopped being a “Socializer” and became a “Customer” at some point.

Jacques sure took his sweet time deciding what he wanted to buy.

This made Pete laugh! Mayor Whiskers acts like the cat tree is still there.


7 of his 8 items sold & he’s been open for FOUR HOURS. I attempted to restock so he could stay open longer. Customers crowded around the lone item on display and the strays “entertained” them as well.

Pete placed two items and then another sale needed to be rung up.
Look! More magical cats!! LOL


Don bought the pet toybox.16

(A/N: This made me laugh and think silly thoughts as to why he would need it.)

It’s difficult to restock while the store is open because as soon as an item is placed, a customer wants it.

Pete ran out of stock!

This aggressive dog kept customers busy so Pete could try to restock again.

Pete isn’t sure having animals IN the store is a good idea or not!

He decides to close the door at 4 pm. This lady is tense and he’s thinking she won’t buy anything after all. Then Pete see’s a celebrity shopper ready to buy. This guy will be his last sale of the day!!

By the time Dustin bought the bag of pet food, it was close to 4:30. Not quite 9 hours but Pete still feels he did pretty well for a grand opening!
He was able to re-stock 4 items while the store was open.

Sales Breakdown
2 Bags of Cat Food
2 Food Bowls
2 Litter Boxes
1 Small Pet Bed
1 Large Pet Bed
1 Scratching Post
1 Toybox
1 Cat Tree DeBox

Price Markup: 5%

Pete refilled the food bowls but is a bit concerned by the dogs trying to hog the food.

Then two animals got into a fight. He was worried it was the cat, but turns out it was the aggressive little dog.

On his way to the bathroom, Pete starts to re-think the idea of letting animals roam inside. They might hinder sales!

He stocked the store, ate salad and went to bed around 11:30 pm. He’s beginning to realize the life of a shopkeeper is going to be filled with long days!

(A/N: From this point forward, I’ll do a summary of sales at the end instead of a screenshot per sale. I mainly did it because … 1st day!)

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15 thoughts on “Pete: Day 2

    1. Thanks 🙂 I’m sure sure I forgot important things but it will be fun adding them as I go.

      I think he will. It will take a long time to get enough money to build a house but that will give me plenty of time to figure out what it should look like!


    1. It is! I wish I had Pete take a picture of his 1st customer.

      It’s going to take Pete a long time to earn the money needed to build a house since I didn’t place expensive items in my starter store. Am hoping to be able to buy some soon!

      I finally got wise and locked the doors to animals on Day 4. Took me long enough, lol


    1. I play ahead (currently on Day 21) and even though I control most of Pete’s actions, he continues to do things I don’t direct him to do.

      When the store is open, I direct him to “greet customer” and do a few retail interactions because those give points that can be used to purchase perks.

      If you are planning to run a store, consider getting the observant reward trait as soon as possible. When you greet customers, you learn their traits. It’s handy knowing who is a klepto.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my! Part of me laughs at your comment. But … it’s so true … sometimes there are overly exuberant dogs in the pet-centered stores. But it’s more acceptable to have them there than in ANY store. I see too many non-service dogs being taken into other stores and don’t like it.

      My daughter is allergic to dog dander so it annoys me when people with a dog will encourage her to pet their dog if they see her smile in their direction. One even questioned her when she wouldn’t because their dog is friendly.


      1. I don’t know why either other than it’s more for the owner and not the pet. Although … there are neurotic dogs that have become so because of their owner’s actions. Sad really.

        Agreed. Unless an animal is a true service animal (properly trained and certified), they need to stay home!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Lourdes Cabrera

    Pete is very successful, and being such a nice guy, I can see why he sold all the items.. What really made me chuckle were the magical cats! They reminded me of the Sims 3 when I downloaded a town and then bridges would not show up but cars would cross anyways, LOL.. The magical cats made me think of that.. I hope the aggressive small dog does not hinder Pete from selling, although he is doing fantastic!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank YOU for reading & commenting! ❤
      I agree, Pete’s a nice guy and his shop does well. The magical cats were fun to see & I can see why they reminded you of the bridges from that one town. As for the aggressive animals, I’m pretty sure they have run off a few customers and made a general nuisance of themselves … eventually, the locks on doors were set to keep them out of the store.

      Liked by 1 person

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