Pete: Day 11

Week 2, Day 4

Pete buys the Curious Shopper perk. Hopefully, this will boost sales.

Customers are really drawn to this sign!

Movement outside the window catches Pete’s eye. Karina is planting the four nips for him (catnip, madnip, napnip and nuzzlenip). What a kind thing for her to do!

Sales are decent today. A little less than prior days but nothing to be concerned about.

Sales Breakdown
2 Bags of Cat Food
2 Food Bowls
2 Litter Boxes
1 Neon Sign
1 Scratching Post
1 Small Pet Bed
1 Large Pet Bed
1 Toybox
1 Cat Tree DeBox

Price Markup: 5%

Pete weeds his garden and cleans the sidewalk in front of the store.

While doing so, he remembers Karina’s act of kindness from earlier today and wonders how he can show her his gratitude.

It’s getting late. Pete quickly eats and then heads to bed.

The store will be open tomorrow and he hopes to get up early and do a few things before customers show up.
(A/N: Poor guy was about to drop and he hadn’t restocked his store. Pete is not going to like it when I wake him early so he can get things done!)

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6 thoughts on “Pete: Day 11

  1. Oh isn’t Karina being so helpful and awesome at the same time! Has Pete found his girl yet? Pete has worked his fingers to the bone and no time for sleeping! Great read Addy!


    1. Thanks for reading, dear Bree!

      Yes, she is. I didn’t realize other Sims would plant my garden so it’s a good thing to know if I’m wanting MY Sims to do it.

      Poor Pete! His moods are decreasing as is his ability to do anything outside of running the store. He needs help! he needs a partner!

      You will find out the answer to your question later this week! I think things turned out well.


    1. Thanks for reading, dear Lu!

      I thought it was too. Like I was telling Bree, I didn’t know other Sims would do this so I need to pay attention in case I want my Sims to do the gardening.

      I think it is especially since I didn’t put the most expensive stuff in right away.

      He sure is! He will … all in good time.


  2. Lourdes Cabrera

    Looks like there may be some romance between Karina and Pete in the future or at least a very good friendship! Even though he works extremely hard it seems he still will be lacking in sleep. Soon it will all pay of..

    Liked by 1 person

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