Pete: Day 1

Week 1, Day 1

Pete Vallejo loves cats & dogs and is self-assured. He aspires to be Friends of the World since he hopes that will help him run a successful shop!

Pete bought the Oak Alcove lot in Newcrest.

He also bought and placed a Pet Store next door on the Comfy Cubby lot.

Since he is new to this, he didn’t spend all his money and was able to transfer some funds to his business.

Pete is a bit disappointed that one item he hoped to sell isn’t able to be.

Here’s an overview of the layout. Store in front, living quarters in back.
Lot Traits: Cat Hangout, Dog Hangout, Training Grounds
(A/N: I wasn’t sure what to go with for the 3rd trait so I chose Training Grounds. Will change it to something that will help with getting friends/making sales … Convivial.)

The first thing Pete does is set out food for the strays!

Then he makes a nice garden salad for himself. He’s not hungry but wanted to have it ready for when he is.

He heads to the Willow Creek library and meets the cute librarian, Izumi Maeda.

She walks away while he’s talking to her about animals. Hmm … maybe she’s not into pets. shrugs

Lucas is sad.

Pete is able to cheer him up!

Gulliver is angry about something but Pete manages to calm him down.

Hopefully Lucas is telling Gulliver not to trash their library!

Then Orange does it but because he’s a celebrity, Pete can’t get his attention and make him stop.

Time for Pete to head home before he gets caught up in this mess!

Hopefully the paparazzi are helping spread the word that there is a new store in town.

Although if they took a good look around, they might have seen Judith Ward heading over to the skating rink.


Sims are crazy! This one is walking around without a shirt or shoes.

Ukupanipo Hekekia seems to be doing some sort of manly challenge but doesn’t look happy about it.

Pete meets Noodle.

He also meets Dyno before the dog falls asleep.

He’ll have to meet Squee another time.

The dogs gave him a good idea. Better get plenty of sleep as tomorrow is the 1st day his store is open!

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10 thoughts on “Pete: Day 1

  1. Lourdes Cabrera

    Adorable beginning I really think Pete is very sweet and has knows how to be kind to animals, I don’t have the Dogs and Cats Expansion, but the pet store is really nice and I like that you could add a place to sleep for Pete in the back of the store.. I also thought is was funny that the child celebrity was making a mess in the library and some how no one can stop him, seems a lot like real life sometimes, sigh..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much, dear Lourdes!
      Pete is fun to play & I’m enjoying seeing all the strays.

      You also can’t interact with celebrities at the store. Pete has to let them do their thing and help them when/if they decide to buy something.

      Liked by 1 person

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