Messy House Challenge

Kalaidasim created this fun (and easy!) challenge.

– activate bb.moveobjects BEFORE placing the house!
– download the house
Gallery ID: Kalaidasim
Hashtag: #MessyHouseChallenge
– don’t change the landscaping
– don’t change the shape of the house
– don’t add or remove walls, doors or windows
– don’t add new objects
– add wallpaper and flooring on the inside
– furnish the house USING the objects you find inside the house
– remove objects you don’t want
– can change colors of the objects
– can upsize/downsize objects
– place the correct objects in the garden
– upload the house with the hashtag #MessyHouseChallenge
– can make a video of the process, if you want
– No Deadline

House BEFORE the refurbishment
House AFTER the refurbishment

Hope you enjoyed seeing this variation and will consider doing one of your own!

Thank YOU for reading & commenting!

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