Messy House Challenge: After

The BEFORE images are still on Sara’s phone in case they’re needed.

Sara was glad the exterior only needed to be pressure-washed. The interior refurbishment cost more than expected … more time AND more money.
After Front

Her appointment arrived right on time.

“Nice to see you again, Sylvia. Hopefully the drive was an easy one.”
**shaking hands**
“Nice to see you as well. It was and now I’m ready to see the house, ” Sylvia replied with a smile.

“This way, please.”
After Door

Stepping inside, both took time to wipe their feet on the small rug by the door.
After Entryway

“The wallpaper is a cheerful color and the embossed design is subtle. You almost don’t notice it unless you’re looking for it. It pairs nicely with the brick pavers I used.”
After Wallpaper

“This space is best suited as a Dining Area and is a good hub for the other rooms.”
After Dining1
After Dining2
After Dining3

“A similar shade of yellow was painted on the kitchen walls and tie the two rooms together nicely.”
After Kitchen1
After Kitchen2
After Kitchen3

“The door near the fridge leads to a half bath. I pondered turning this into a second bathroom but felt there wasn’t enough space.”
After Kitchen4
After HalfBath1
After HalfBath2

“The Living Room is on the other side of the Dining Area.”
After Living1
After Living2
After Living3

“The door next to the fireplace leads to a small office.”
After Office1
After Office2
Addy’s Note: The painting on the easel isn’t included with upload.

**looking out the windows**
“It’s starting to sprinkle so let’s take a quick peek at the back yard. As you can see, there’s plenty of room for gardening and enjoying a meal outside when the weather is nice.”
After Yard1
After Yard2
After Yard3
After Yard4

“The trickle of the fountain water can be heard when the windows are open. Adding a pathway and some seating would enhance this area nicely.”
After Yard5

The two ladies go back inside and head upstairs.

“A painting, maybe two, will add personality to this small landing.”
After Landing1
After Landing2

“The door on the right leads to the main bedroom.”
After Bed1
After Bed2
After Bed3

“The door on the left reveals a sunshine yellow girl’s bedroom. Such a happy color!”
After GirlBed1
After GirlBed2
After GirlBed3

“The door is the middle opens onto the shared bathroom.”
After Bath1
After Bath2
After Bath3

The two return to the Living Room and Sara tries to look relaxed while Sylvia looks over her various forms.

After what seems like hours, Sylvia closes her folders and looks at Sara with a polite smile on her face. Sara’s heart thumps even louder than before … if that is even possible.

“Everything appears to be in order, Sara. Congratulations, your adoption application has been approved! Let’s go meet your daughter.”

“Do you wish to keep her name?”
Sara lets her know that it won’t change unless Abbey wants a new name. The name was specifically chosen for her by her birth mother and it should be up to her whether it continues to be what she’s known by.

Welcome to the family, Abbey!!

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