May House 2019

Instead of giving a floor plan including an exterior picture, BreeMiles laid out a floor plan and used fencing where the walls go and left a gap for doors/arches. I got inspired and was pleasantly surprised by how quick it all came together!

MH2019 1


No CC!
Base Game only!
Fully tested!

MH2019 2MH2019 3MH2019 4MH2019 6MH2019 5

MH2019 706-03-19_10-19-48 AMMH2019 8MH2019 9MH2019 10

Main Bedroom
MH2019 11MH2019 12

MH2019 13MH2019 14

2nd Bedroom
06-03-19_10-09-38 AM06-03-19_10-10-02 AM06-03-19_10-49-06 AM

06-03-19_10-40-56 AM06-03-19_10-41-21 AM

Overview06-03-19_12-35-23 PM06-03-19_11-55-02 AM06-03-19_12-36-04 PM

This was fun. Thanks, Bree!

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