Jellica Tate

Testing the home lot revealed an interesting experience.

Pic 1
Jellica: “Hi! You look really familiar & I see we share the same great taste in clothing.”

Pic 2
JClone: “Shoot! I thought I was an ORIGINAL!”

Pic 3
JClone: “Looks like someone didn’t get the memo! LOL”

Note: I was quite surprised when I looked around the neighborhood and saw that the game dropped a CLONE of my Sim. Curiosity got the better of me so I had them meet.

You might be wondering, “Who is Jellica?”
Quick Answer: “She’s a teen created to participate in the Fang Life Challenge.”
Jellica: “I’m right here! I can answer that question best, don’t you think?!”

Jellica is the “lucky” Sim who got to test the Fang Life Challenge while living in the Adorable Abode.

The initial plan was to make two Sims, one good and one not but … Jellica grabbed hold of my interest/heart and she’s fun to play!

Jellica (Teen, Non-Occult)
Aspiration: Friend of the World
Bonus Trait: Gregarious
Traits: Cheerful, Erratic


Download: Jellica as a teen

Jellica (Young Adult, Vampire)
Additional Trait: Creative

Since the YA outfits are the same as when she was a teen, here are the outfits she wears while in dark form. She might be a vampire now but feels there’s no reason why she has to look dark and gloomy.


Download: Jellica as a YA Vampire

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