House 03: Chapter 9

Fall: Day 2 of 14 (Monday)

Aimee eats granola but would prefer a cupcake and Damien laughs when she says it.

Damien enjoys gardening as much as Aimee and can often be seen researching various plants when not tending them. He also loves being where Aimee is!

How sweet! Thank you, Madelyn.
A/N: It was nice seeing the wedding congratulations come from his sister

Speaking of his sister, she now has toddlers! Kathy & Kolton.
Congratulations, Ashley & Madelyn as well as big sister Yang!!

Damien blows Aimee a kiss and then both resume researching.

After Aimee finishes gardening, she heads inside to freshen up but ends up having to fix a broken toilet before she can jump in the shower.

Ainsley comes by for a visit and to share her good news.

She’s pregnant! Ainsley has also married Forrest Silversweater.
“Exciting times ahead for both of us, sis!”
A/N: The Flex name ended with this generation, which is okay, and … Ainsley no longer lives in Drifter House 02! Not sure how I feel about an empty Drifter house

“Between the two of us, we’re going to need a lot of diapers.” lol

Aimee does a bit of freelance writing while the sun is still up.
Ainsley returns to dance and chat with both of them.

She especially enjoys spreading a bit of gossip.

Fall: Day 3 of 14 (Tuesday)

Aimee notices the broken sink when she grabs ingredients to make salad and decides to fix the sink first. Damien lets her know how much he appreciates their clean living.

“Can’t get much cleaner than living in the great outdoors!”

A slimmer Ainsley drops by and Damien offers congratulations to the new mom.

Welcome to the family, Ericka Silversweater!

Ainsley leaves before Aimee finishes gardening so she’ll offer her congratulations later. Until then, there’s plenty to do around here!

Wow … that little berry became this BIG beastie!
Aimee introduces herself to Clara the cow … plant.

She plants the other berry in order to have backup.
Damien is feeling pretty flirty today. Nothing unusual there!
A/N: My friend, illusie, suggests having a second cow plant in case the 1st one dies

Before Aimee can relax on the couch, Damien swoops in for a kiss.
Ah, young love!

Damien’s mom, Octavia, drops by with news of her own.
He now has a younger brother named Trent VILLANUEVA! A baby brother and a step-father (Rafael) … congratulations are offered for both happy occasions!

Seeing Octavia make a beeline for Clara reminds Aimee that she needs to put up a fence.

Especially since Clara now offers enticing cake!

A/N: I held off building until completing (Fabulously Wealthy Milestone I: Have $10,000 in reserve) and earned those satisfaction points!

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9 thoughts on “House 03: Chapter 9

    1. Yes, they are! I wasn’t sure I would like him when first meeting him as a teen but he’s grown on me.

      I agree, it’s a really good idea since we need those essences! Thank you again for suggesting it.

      I will, I will. Don’t want any Sim to go before their time, unless … lol


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