House 03: Chapter 7

Summer: Day 14 of 14 (Saturday)

Today is Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Family Events:
Yang Leach is now a child. Happy Birthday!

Damien follows Aimee around, chatting about this and that.
It appears he isn’t fond of open air living.

She then goes to repair the sink and within moments, Damien is there.
“I’m going to take a nap”, Aimee says and walks away while he is in mid-sentence.

Damien goes online to seek advice.
“I feel like we’re on different planets now.”

Hours later …

Damien seeks Aimee out yet again.
This time he tries a few romantic pirate phrases on her.
A/N: The pirate phrases crack me up!

They eventually work things out.

Aimee: “I love you and we’ll get through this. When the time is right to take the next step, we’ll both know.”

Damien: “Ask me again.”
Aimee: “Wait, what?”
Damien: “Ask … me … again. Please!”

Aimee: “You better not be joking or I will let the fishes feast on your scrawny body!”

Aimee asks. Damien quickly accepts.

They promise to love, respect and listen to each other. It takes two to keep a relationship strong!

Damien smiles, grabs Aimee’s hand and leads her to their tent.

Afterward, Aimee falls asleep but Damien is too wired.
He heads to the greenhouse and does plant research.

A/N: Didn’t do much as they were busy repairing their relationship & moving things along. Damien did as romantic many actions as Aimee … I think he really cares for her!

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