House 03: Chapter 5

Summer: Day 11 of 14 (Wednesday)

Aimee isn’t sure she likes having the bathroom located so far from the tent!

Aimee and Damien spend part of their day in Sylvan Glade.
She finds a box containing a Cowplant berry! Hooray!!

They arrive home. Damien is hungry and Aimee can barely able to keep her eyes open.

It’s too bad she’s asleep because Nash was in the neighborhood.

Lilith Hekekia drops by and Damien discusses art with her.

It’s nice living with someone who enjoys gardening and can help split the tasks.

Summer: Day 12 of 14 (Thursday)

Aimee spent most of last night thinking about Damien.

She decides to take a chance and he’s receptive to her advances.

A little later …

Aimee and Damien take their first couple selfie.

Wow! The good news gets around fast!

They have an at-home date to further their relationship.

A second at-home date ends with fireworks. Yowza!

They decide to keep one VIP bucket and sell the other one.


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9 thoughts on “House 03: Chapter 5

  1. Lusie Dageraad

    Cute photo of them together. I bet it will look great on the photowall. Will Damien and Aimee add their own pictures soon?
    Congrats on landing the boyfriend!

    Liked by 1 person

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