House 03: Chapter 3

Summer: Day 8 of 14 (Sunday)

Aimee takes pride in simple pleasures.

“Shopping with mom could be an interesting experience!”

Interesting is not the word Aimee would use to describe the weather.

The whole family is here!

Aimee takes advantage of this offer: a §505 sofa on sale for §379. Sold!

She can’t tell if Damien is intently looking at her or just staring off into space.
A/N: He should age up soon

The rest of the family are occupied so Aimee offers to read to her cousin.

She grabs a couple of posters before heading home.

Her sofa has been delivered.

Aimee notices an intriguing looking Sim. Too bad Caleb is married.

“Wow, what a friendly guy!”

Aimee’s interaction with Caleb earns her a Good Reputation. Yay!

She then meets Tane Ngata, another friendly Sim who likes to hug.
A/N: Tane was single when they met but married later the same day

Aimee feels pretty confident and believes someone will sweep her off her feet.

Am sure this isn’t what she had in mind. LOL

A/N: Aimee has enough money to start building her home … once I decide on a plan!

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11 thoughts on “House 03: Chapter 3

    1. It was! I made the happy discovery that you can go into Build/Buy mode (Karaoke place) and find out if something is a good deal or not before buying.

      They do! Tane was the first single Sim Aimee met and *snap!* … no longer single.

      Me too … I had the tent clicked but game had other ideas … lol

      Aimee will find someone, I’m sure.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Lusie Dageraad

    I like her outing to the flea market. Shame a bout the weather. Nice deal on the sofa! I’m sure she is happy that the rain didn’t turn it into a wet soggy sofa 😉

    Caleb might be married, but looks like he could be a very good friend for her.
    It’s a pity Tane married. Maybe you should set the days on which the mc command center looks for sims to get married on less days.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad the game mechanics doesn’t have soggy furniture moodlets for Sims like Aimee who are roughing it, lol

      I think Caleb would make a good friend, too.

      I might need to do this since Sims get quickly snapped up! 😉


  2. Inma García

    I loved to see the family together and Damien!
    What a good deal! Well spent money, Aimee!
    What a shame that Caleb is not available for her.
    YAY for having enough money for building the house!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree, it’s fun seeing the family gather.
      Two of your current faves are not available: Caleb (married) and Damien (teen) but Aimee isn’t too worried at this time. You’ll laugh when you see how little I built! Aimee needs more money!!


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