House 03: Chapter 2

Summer: Day 6 of 14 (Friday)

Aimee works in the garden while her dad sleeps.

Ainsley calls and invites them over.

Aimee and her sister chat while their dad mourns Whiskers but it’s obvious they still feel distant with one another.
A/N: This tense mood only happens when Aimee is near Ainsley


“Please don’t take our dad!”

The Grim Reaper looks at Aimee and nods his head.

“Thank you!”
A/N: The Grim Reaper hugs Aimee but it suits her thanking him so I’m using it!

They visit Ainsley for a little longer and then head back to their campsite.
“Don’t stay up too late, Dad.”

Summer: Day 7 of 14 (Saturday)

No, no, nooo!!!
Marc wakes, walks around to the side of the tent and drops to the ground.

Aimee tries pleading again but to no avail.

The Grim Reaper comforts a distraught daughter.

Aimee contacts Ainsley to share the sad news and is invited to come over.

The sisters comfort each other.

Both agree that dad’s tombstone overlooking his garden is how it should be.

Chatting and offering comfort is difficult when both can’t seem to stop crying.
Crying inside, pouring outside … even the weather is mourning Marc’s passing.

A little later …

Aimee is tending to her plants and realizes that trying to delay the inevitable made it even more difficult.

Marc, you will be missed.

A/N: I held off on collecting/selling and going to the Romance Festival (Ghost Marc invited her!) since it seemed a bit disrespectful

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8 thoughts on “House 03: Chapter 2

  1. Lusie Dageraad

    How odd she keeps getting the uncomfortable moodlet from being near her sister. Oh no! Phew that was a close call. Don’t trust grim though. Sometimes he only gives them a couple of minutes or hours before he returns. No wonder she was hugging him! lol So sorry he died not much later.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Inma García

    How sad! We all will miss Marc, super dad!
    It was nice that Aimee and Marc could have his latest moments together with the extra time that the Grim gave to him.

    Liked by 1 person

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