House 03: Chapter 13

Fall: Day 9 of 14 (Monday)

Today is Rebate Day.

Dax wakes up Aimee early the next morning.
“Food and a bath makes everything okay as do hugs from a sweet boy!”

“I won’t be able to do this for much longer because you’re getting so big!”

After playtime, Damien tucks Dax in.
“Sleep well, sleepyhead. Close your eyes and stay in bed.”

Aimee shares her big news with Damien.
He’s happy but wonders if they can afford raising two little ones.

Ainsley calls right as Aimee is telling her husband, perfect timing!

After a nap, Aimee collects the mail and pays the bills.
How nice! Kolton and Ericka sent birthday gifts.

Grandma Octavia wants to see them.
A/N: Dax is sent to daycare so Grandma will have to visit with him later

Oh my! Dax has plenty of family members around his age.

Kolton and Kathy look like their parents but Trent doesn’t take after Octavia so perhaps his dad?

Octavia smiles at them and then leaves. Wait, what? We’re not here to babysit!
Trent amuses all with babble about speedy Grilled Cheese.

Aimee heads inside and introduces herself to Rafael, Trent’s … stepfather.
A/N: Octavia and Vladislaus Straud are Trent’s parents

Kids need attention but with dads on computers or socializing, it’s not going to happen.

Aimee links her arm through Damien’s and tells him it’s time for them to head home.

She helps Dax work on learning to use the potty but it isn’t easy since pregnancy makes her sensitive to smells.

She tucks the covers around Dax and gives him a kiss before turning out the light.

Damien spends a lot of time in the garden and is almost as skilled as Aimee.


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