House 03: Chapter 10

Fall: Day 4 of 14 (Wednesday)

Their home is starting to take shape.

Clara enjoys playing with Damien.

Aimee enjoys her husband’s attention!
A/N: You can really feel the chemistry between these two!

“It’s chow time, Clara!”

The contractions become more noticeable at 4:24 pm.

“Damien, it’s time! Please grab my bag by the door while I call for a cab.”

Damien seems mighty pleased with himself, doesn’t he?
He’s not dealing with pain and discomfort grumbles Aimee to herself.

Oh my goodness … the entire hospital staff are ghosts!!
Aimee checks in with Anika Gupta while Nurse Olivia Puentes waits to take her to the delivery room where Doctor Rachid Al Habib smiles and encourages her to relax.

Aimee delivers a bouncing baby boy and they name him Dax.

A tired but happy mom lays back on the delivery table and takes a few breaths before meeting her beautiful boy.

As for Damien … he watched TV the entire time she was in delivery!

Aimee looks like she’s ready to deliver another one. lol

The family heads home …

Damien checks on the baby cow plant while Aimee cares for their new baby.

He then takes over baby duty so Aimee can continue with her freelance writing.


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11 thoughts on “House 03: Chapter 10

    1. Thanks! I really like the name even though Mr Addy and Sunshine weren’t keen when I mentioned it, lol

      I know!! I might have seen a ghost as an employee before but never the entire hospital … going to be paying attention to that during each hospital visit from here forward, lol


    1. Thanks! I like his name too. ♥
      No, Marc was the first male child/heir. I find it interesting that so far mine has gone female (Daisy, founder) .. male (Marc) .. female (Aimee) .. and now male (Dax). Wonder if this will continue?


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